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State Has More Power Than Forecast (KFWB) 6.25.01, 10:00a --

KFWB Senior Correspondent Bob Jimenez reports that the state has seen an improvement in its supply of electricity.

The California Independent System Operator tells KFWB that supplies have improved two-thirds, and what was a 12,000-megawatt shortage a month ago is now only about 4,000 megawatts.

Among the reasons for the increased supply is decreased use. California power consumers have been conserving at a rate of about 11 percent. That has left the power grid less stressed.

Also, reduced demand has lowered prices in the market-driven power industry. And aides to Governor Gray Davis say long-term contracts have stabilized prices as well and provided a regular supply of power.

Nevertheless, Davis' chief energy advisor, S. David Freeman, says weather will continue to play a big role in avoiding rolling blackouts this summer.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's recent decision to mitigate electricity prices in the West may also help avoid rolling blackouts. But it will depend on how quickly the new price limits kick in, Freeman said.

Forecasts had suggested that the state could face as many as 30 days of rolling blackouts this summer, due to increased power consumption, high prices, and a tight power supply.

-- PHO (, June 25, 2001


That sounds like a bit of relief, at least, temporary as it might be.

-- RogerT (, June 25, 2001.

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