Polaroid 8x10 projection printing

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I was curious if anyone has used an enlarger to expose 35mm slides (or negs) onto Polaroid 8x10 film type 804 or 803?

I have a Daylab with MF and 4x5 bases, but I wonder if the optics will give a sharp rendition with the 8x10 base.

I have some B/W slides that I want enlarge onto 804, but It might be interesting to expose them onto the color film. Anyone tried this?


-- Jon (vze249jf@verizon.net), June 27, 2001


While I haven't tried 803 or 804, I regularly use 809 with great results, very sharp (they are consistenly sharper and better color than the 669 exposures). I have used old (1950's) B&W slides to 809 for image transfer, then handcolored, and they were my family's favorite Christmas gifts last year -- all those old baby pictures! Have you thought of trying to find some expired (cheaper) film to experiment with? Hope this helps.

-- Glenna Butts (artsyphotos@msn.com), July 26, 2001.

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