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Judge Orders Governor to Release All Details of Power Contracts (AP) 6.27.01, 7:30p --

A San Diego judge has ordered Gov. Gray Davis to release full details of the state's long-term power contracts, including invoices for spot-market buys.

Davis has until Friday to challenge the decision, with a final ruling on releasing the documents expected July 5. Until then, the withheld details will stay secret. Davis, a spokeswoman said, is reviewing his legal options.

On June 15 the governor released the documents detailing $43 million worth of long-term power contracts negotiated with 18 generators since Jan. 1. Critics said the documents, which Davis originally wanted to keep secret, revealed that California may pay higher than market rates for power during the next decade.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Linda B. Quinn, who ordered the documents released, originally supported blacking out portions for competitive and confidential reasons. Most details concerned the costs of producing and transmitting electricity, and costs of natural gas, the state's biggest fuel source for power plants.

Quinn reversed herself Wednesday, saying "the public served by disclosure" merited their release.

State media organizations and Assemblyman Tony Strickland, R-Thousand Oaks, argued that contracts used state money and should be open to inspection. After the governor's initial disclosure, they asked the judge to order the rest released.

Strickland declared victory on the Assembly floor Wednesday, adding that Davis "wanted to hide all this information from the people. Now, once and for all, we will find out what it is costing to keep the lights on in California."

Assemblyman Phil Wyman, R-Tehachapi, a party to the suit, said the results will help legislators "govern in the light and not in the darkness."

Roger Myers, a lawyer for The Associated Press, which also sued Davis, said the contracts involved "public money and the public has a right to know how much is being spent for electricity."

Davis' press secretary, Steve Maviglio, said the governor wants to disclose information but nothing that gives "greedy generators a competitive advantage that will drive up electricity prices.

"So we're reviewing the judge's decision and considering our next step."

The judge's ruling protects energy companies that negotiated with the state's Department of Water Resources from having to reveal their bank account numbers and federal tax identification numbers. Otherwise, it orders release of the original 38 long-term power contracts and all "invoices, purchase and confirmation sheets."

-- PHO (, June 28, 2001


It's about time!

Grey is really squirming on this.

Their Tax Numbers and bank accounts should not be revealed.

However the tax numbers are easily dug up, just ask to solicit some business with them and ask for the tx number.

I figure all of them power boys already know how much the others are getting. They gamed the market just swell enough.

-- (, June 28, 2001.

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