Weekly IMB Piracy Warnings Report

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Latest reported incidents

24.06.2001 at 1128 LT in position 31:13.3S - 030:09.3E, south Edward port, South Africa. While underway, a speedboat attempted to come alongside a container ship. The crew mustered on deck and the ship altered course to avoid the boat. The pirates aborted the attempted boarding.

23.06.2001 at 0435 LT at Conakry port, Guinea. While at anchor, pirates armed with guns and knives boarded a tanker and assaulted three officers. The officers including the captain received injuries. The pirates stole ship's stores, cash from ship's safe and crew's valuables before escaping.

23.06.2001 at 0730 LT at Chittagong outer roads, Bangladesh. While at anchor, three boats approached a bulk carrier's stern. The pirates stole zinc anodes from the rudderpost. The anti piracy watchman spotted them and raised the alarm. The pirates fled.

23.06.2001 at 0745 LT at Chittagong outer roads, Bangladesh. While at anchor, boats approached a bulk carrier and the pirates stole zinc anodes from the rudderpost. This was spotted by the anti piracy watch and the alarm was raised. The pirates fled.

20.06.2001 at 0400 LT at Sandakan port, Malaysia. While at anchor the anti piracy watchman spotted five pirates opening a container. When the watchman challenged them, the pirates escaped in a small boat taking with them some cargo from the container.

20.06.2001 at 0100 LT in position 06:02.6S - 106:54E, Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded a container ship, entered the engine room and stole engine spares.

WARNING AREAS Increasing number piracy incidents have been reported in the Malacca Straits between the coordinates 01 to 02N - 101 to 103E. The most risky area is within 25 nm radius surrounding 02N - 102E, where the same armed gang of pirates seems to have repeatedly attacked ships.

Attacks have been reported at Chittagong, Mongla and Chennai while at anchor. Ships at ports in Bangladesh have been subjected to theft of zinc anodes welded to ship's sides and the stern.

Ships calling at Indonesian ports of Belawan, Dumai, Jakarta, Merak, Samarinda and Tanjong Priok have reported numerous pirate attacks whilst at berth and at anchor.

Persons in small fast boats have been trying to board several ships off Bab Al Mandeb in the southern tip of Red Sea, around 13N - 43E. Masters have reported that small boats wait at the northern end of traffic lane where ships slow down to make a turn.

Somalian waters continue to be a risk prone area for hijackings. Ships should keep at least 50 miles and if possible 100 miles from the Somali coast. Use of radio communications including the VHF in these waters should be kept to a minimum.


-- Rich Marsh (marshr@airmail.net), June 29, 2001

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