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"Blow'd up"! Don't let this be the answer to your 4th of July! When play'n around with fireworks be extremely careful. Especially little dudes and dudetts who have no concept of what a firecracker will do to little fingers when they explode. Flyin debris from the fireworks as well as surroundin "stuff" can easily blind a person.

Sparklers which are supposed to be safe --burn at a tremendous degree and can easily cause severe damages to skin. Once deemed safe for little folks- the false sense of security is now coming out and bein made public just how dangerous they are also.

So, burn those firecrackers, burn those sparklers, roman candles, smokin teepees, bottle rockets and all the other stuff--[includin hotdogs] but just be careful. Nothin anymore sad than to see a little dude or dudette with fingers missin, blinded and disfigured --whatever the reason! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 03, 2001


When i was about nine years old, my father decided I was old enough to light a firecracker on the 4th, so he handed me a box of matches and a firecracker. After listening carefully to his instructions and observing how he struck a match, lit the end of the firecracker, and then tossed it several feet away, I decided i was ready. I struck the match, lit the firecracker fuse and then tossed the match instead of the firecracker.I never was too good with my hands, LOL...Daddy moved real fast, saving me from losing a few fingers. Moral of the story? Do not give in to a nagging child who wants to "try" fireworks.

-- lesley (, July 03, 2001.

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