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Work! I though we had a "fallin out" several years ago but I guess we made up this mornin. Got to lookin at my front and side yard--PITIFUL-just plain PITTIFUL! My old 4 wheel pull chevy truck was quickly delegated to become a fast partner in the alterin of my homeplace. A couple log chains and we were pullin stumps from small maple trees that were where they shouldn't have been. Moved a big chunk of concrete on a homemade sled and atttempted to drill a hole or two for settin out some maple trees. We accomplished all that with the exception of drillin the postholes. My digger ran and ran purty well. Problem was/is dry, hard dirt! That little "Earthquake" would just set and spin-not diggin. It did "catch" on something [tree root?] and kinda held on for a spell. I didn't-it spun around and around and around ---well, ya'll get the picture! It finally idled down nuff for me to take a big paw and stop that "top spinnin". It's layin in the yard right now thinkin about what it tried to do to the big old hillbilly.

Lil Dumplin is gone this mornin but will be back shortly. I'm a feered she'll have some other "plans" for the old fat man. I can hardly wait? Seems I heer'd'r sayin something about cleanin her little s10 pickup! Now, what was it I had to do that was just too important to leave until Thursday? Rekon she'll buy it? Probably not but it's worth a try, ain't it?

Noticed on the way over to ole Jeeps house earlier today the old say'n of "knee high by the 4th of July" sure dont count this year. Corn is TALL and startin to ear out in some fields. We do need rain tho. Sposed to rain today and tonite rekon.

A/c's are restin a spell but I'm sure that's short lived as I'll get it to "crankin" shortly. Can't stand the heat and humidity after the heart thing in 97--or maybe I'm gettin older!!! I'll say it again for fear that some have stated "he's NOT old" and upset the apple cart. I'm 57 and doin jest fine, thankee! I don't know it all but what I don't know---I MAKE UP!

Ya'll have a real nice and SAFE holiday. Jesus is coming back soon!ole hoot, the young'n. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 03, 2001


Next time you need to dig holes in dry soil, keep a 5 gallon bucket handy and put in a quart of water; it may only get you a couple of inches, may have to finish with manual post hole diggers, but it does work. Been there, done that!

-- mitch hearn (, July 03, 2001.

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