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DOes anyone one what this camera needs to film and edit? I know I need a VTR and monitor, I have FCP and an ibook, but HOW DO I FILM with it? It is not a camcorder and and there is no place to put a tape. I was told it sends a signal to a VCR, but that has left me confused because I know that one doesn't lug a VTR around to shoot, right? Does it take a chip? Then what? THANKS, Novice.

-- Eva Conti (econtis@earthlink.net), July 04, 2001


This is a dockable camera, so yep, you need to lug around a VTR. I think it's only a 1-chip camera. You'll need a dockable VTR w/ the right connectors and a power supply. Save your money and buy a digital camcorder.

-- Elyse Rukkila (erukkila@scfaz.com), July 11, 2002.

It's not a dockable (meaning a VCR fits on the back) but needs to be plugged into a VCR or a power supply that splits out the composite and s-video outputs of the camera along with the audio. Then you plug cables between the power supply and the vcr. Search the web for the Panasonic AG-7400, which is an SVHS portable deck that was used with the D5000. The cable from the D5000 plugs right into the 7400, no power supply needed.

-- Larry Lovering (news@southstation.org), July 28, 2002.

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