Lookin back a mite. [Christian Reference enclosed]

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Remember when ya'll went to town and got a BIG ice cream cone for a nickel? How about a "Sugar Daddy" candybar for .05 cents too? .22 cal. ammo for .25 cents a box of 50, 12 ga. shotgun shells for $2.00 and Prince Albert Smokin bakker for .19 cents a can. Cob pipes were a dime, gasoline was .22 cents a gallon for regular. "High Test" was a dime higher at .32 cents a gallon.

I remember the drag races we had and the Ford V8 always won---that is until the Chev. small block 265 ci came out in 1955. The "Worm had turned" at that point! All the grovlin and apologizin stopped for us Chevy lovers then. Course, we were always rebuildin our engines through the week just so we could drag race come the weekend. Brains were in short supply I guess-even back then. We did have fun tho and nobody had even heard of "dope" except the local barber who was a "dopey". EVERYBODY stayed clear of him for fear of bein labeled a "dopey" too. We'd go to Worrells store on Sunday afternoon's back then. They were Seventh DAy Adventists and were closed on Saturday and open on Sunday. A big RC cola for a dime and boloney for 15 cents a pound for GOOD Blue Bell brand made at Duquoin Packin Company in Duquoin Il.

Quail and rabbit huntin in the 50's was a treat. One time we hunted all day and after killin several rabbits and quail went home hungry. Just happened to pull a few wild onions on the way back home this early spring day. Fried up some grub and those nasty wild onions. I don't ever remember bein so sick as that time. Spose I eat a pound of those fried green wild onions. I haven't been able to look at'm in the last 40 plus years! Wow!--nuff to gag a maggot!

Makin gunpowder for our "endloaders" was something we did about once a month. 72 parts Potassum Nitrate, 10 parts charcoal and 15 parts sulphur. Kinda gummed up the barrell but it worked. Heck, todays blackpower gums up a barrell too! Usin a 1/2" black pipe nipple about 6" long and a pipe cap on the end. Drill a small hole [1/8" dia.] in the side of the pipe cap, nail it down on a big chunk of wood and ya'll had a cannon.

Yeah, Almighty God had my guardian Angel workin overtime just keepin this dummy alive long enough to now be called an "old dummy"!

Thanks Martha for joggin my old brane!

Luke 6:31

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), July 04, 2001


Thanks for the powder recipe!!! You sure did make that guardian work...what's that saying???God watches out for idiots and children? Guess He watches out for this idiot child of His too! We made toilet paper bangers with my dad's black powder. Blew coffee cans some 35 to 40 feet in the air. Still have all of my fingers as well. Man. I'll never forget the time one of my friends put the M 80 into the toilet of the boy's room at school. It was louder than I thought it was going to be and I sure lied about whether I knew he was going to do it or not. Thankfully, that's way in the past!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), July 05, 2001.

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