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This story was out last week on alternative news sites, but this am. it was the lead Yahoo story. I wonder when Yahoo will have the story about the Chinese doctor testifying before Congress about taking the skin and organs from executionees before they were even completely dead, and about the profiling of donor types and holding the person to be executed for selling a bad bowl of dim sum until the cash carrying recipient arrives and is prepped for surgery? Anyway I think we should all buy more from China.(sarcasm completely intended)

Amnesty: China Executed Over 1,700

By JOHN LEICESTER, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING (AP) - China executed more people in the last three months than the rest of the world did in the past three years - 1,781 people put to death in a government campaign against crime, Amnesty International said Friday.

The London-based rights group said China has put people to death not just for violent crimes, but also for bribery, embezzlement, fraud, pimping, stealing gasoline, selling harmful foods and drug offenses.

``The campaign is nothing short of an execution frenzy, a huge waste of human life,'' Amnesty said.

The Chinese government did not comment on the Amnesty report. But China justifies the crackdown and harsh sentencing as necessary to ensure ``social stability,'' a catchall phrase describing the Communist Party's unrivaled authority and control over society.

Amnesty said its figures of at least 1,781 executions and 2,960 death sentences - since the anti-crime campaign called Strike Hard was launched in April - were tallied from publicly available reports.

In contrast, Amnesty counted 1,751 executions in the rest of the world over the past three years. But only a fraction of death sentences and executions in China are publicly reported and the actual number of people put to death is far higher, the group said.

Amnesty, which opposes use of the death penalty, released its report one week before the International Olympic Committee (news - web sites) votes on whether Beijing will host the 2008 Summer Olympics (news - web sites), or one of four other cities, including Paris and Toronto.

Critics say Chinese human rights abuses make Beijing unfit to hold the games. Beijing officials say an Olympics would promote human rights in China. But they also argue that political considerations should not be used to judge Beijing's Olympic bid.

Amnesty expressed fears that in their rush to produce results for the anti-crime drive, called ``Strike Hard,'' authorities risk executing innocent people. Police and prosecutors have been urged to cut corners to secure quick arrests and trials, it said.

In southern Hunan province, police reported solving 3,000 cases in two days in April, Amnesty said. In southwestern Sichuan province, police said they apprehended 19,446 people in six days, it said.

``The potential for miscarriages of justice, arbitrary sentencing and the execution of innocent people is immense,'' the group said.

Most executions take place after sentencing rallies in front of massive crowds in sports stadiums and public squares, it said.

Originally targeted at organized and violent crime, Chinese authorities have greatly expanded the scope of the Strike Hard campaign, Amnesty said.

In Xinjiang, a restive western region of China where militant Muslims are fighting Chinese rule, authorities have executed people accused of separatism, the group said.

Authorities in the prosperous southern province of Guangdong, next to Hong Kong, and other regions have executed people for fraud, forging currency and ``disrupting the stock market'' in an effort to curb economic crimes before China joins the World Trade Organization (news - web sites), Amnesty said.

China expects to join the rule-making body for world trade by early next year at the latest.

-- Doreen (, July 07, 2001


Dear Doreen, China is a barbaric country,I heard on short wave where a family had a second child, and the father tried to hide the baby, but the china police found the baby and drowned it right before the family.Also on short wave radio, they say this country is being surrounded by chinese, Like the panama canal region, also comeing into canada, the idea is to take this country in a war, they have the ware with all to send missiles over here, thanks to the last president, Our stores are filled with china made stuff, thanks to free trade , Our economy is in the tank, because all our manufactering jobs are done over seas by cheap labor. they can lower the interest rate till the cows come home, but since we have become a service industry nation, even if they get us to spend our money on big ticket items, the money just leaves this country to buy the products overseas. If china decides to take tiewan[can"t spell it} back, which I believe is in the works, and should we come to there defence!!!China just may decide to send some missiles our way, Oh Lordy me, I do sound a little extreme, And I sure hope it doesn"t come to that. I believe in the rapture of christs children, born again believers in Gods son, But as of lately, I wonder just how much will God let us go through,before he comes.I still get that feeling of prepareing for something, I was going to throw out a bunch of seeds, and it came to me, Don"t do that!!!! Well I could go on and on, but will quit for now, With love Irene

-- Irene texas (, July 07, 2001.

My husband and I have been boycotting Chinese made goods for quite a while, although it is getting harder all the time. More and more of our things are being made in China. Try to find shoes that aren't, you won't find many. Even the name brands are now made in china so we won't buy them. I have also read the chinese are using their military and Christian prisoners to manufacture these things for export and the money from them goes right back in to their military. What a country. We tell everyone not to buy chinese made anything but most people just don't care. As long as they get their "toys", that's all they care about. Apathy is what will get this country and there is plenty of it.

-- Barb (, July 07, 2001.

It's geting harder and harder to find things that aren't made in China. I do the best I can, but I have seen things with no indication on the package and says only distributed by some American company, then when you open it there's a China stamp. this is one problem that I have encountered repeatedly at WallyWorld. I even called their headquarters, but they don't care, because they want $$$ not human rights.

It's a hoot because we just got tossed off the Human Rights Commission for the Un and Sudan went on!! I don't think that there is a country in the world where people are all treated beautifully by each other and the government, but the Sudan in a position to ensure Human Rights is the most laughable piece of garbage ever.

Anyway...Irene, you are right about all that stuff, and I also listen to American Freedom news when I have the chance.

-- Doreen (, July 07, 2001.


-- Xian Cang (, August 05, 2002.

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