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I have a No 2 C Autographic kodak Jr Made in 1914 in leather case, camera and case still have all kodak tags on them it still has film in it. Can you please tell me what this is worth or where I might find out, THANK YOU DIANA Bonfield

-- Diana Bonfield (, July 09, 2001


I am not sure what it is worth but I received one as a gift from my girlfriend. Tonight, I'm going to shoot with it for the first time. I am going to load it with a 4x5 negative sheet of film.

You might want to try and sell it to KEH. I think they are based in Georgia and they specialize in buying and selling used camera equipment.

If you didn't expose the roll of film when you opened the back, you might want to get it developed by a pro lab. You never know what might be on that film if it hasn't been completely destroyed by time, heat, humidity, etc.

-- Tom C (, September 06, 2001.

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