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george bushes tax cut is a bunch of crap. It didn;t help us at all. in fact it costs us and extra $400.00 a month in fw taxes than before. Whats next? he wants to poisen the water, pollute the air, commit social injustice to all people that can't afford to pay thier bills now by taxing them right from the first $100.00 they make. this "tax cut" is a big lie to those of us that are regular people The $65,000.00 per year people. He is lining his pockets for his future and dose not care about anyone else. I watch his wife watch her husband with adoring eyes that make me even more sick. The planet can;t stand him and he is making americans looks greedy and inconsiderate, thoughtless and full of glutteny. He is not my president and he is embarassing me. I find him disgusting. He is a liar and is embezzling the american people money from them to his oil accounts right in front of us all. Someone should ask him just how much he's making during this energy crunch, i'll bet it's a tidy sum thats for sure. Goes to show you that the "pencil neck' geek might have been the better choice. I voted for GORE and tried to get any one I knew to vote for him also. One red flag that i picked out was in g.b.'s state the pollution was bad, health care was bad and in his 3.5 years as governor (he campainged for one year of his state office) (yea, who paid for that paycheck?????)he had 44 people put to death. What the hell is this guy doing at the helm of this wonderful country? He is running our counrty into the ground and he's only been running things for 6 months!!! I can;t believe that we are going to allow him to continue, can't we call for a vote of incompetence? Al, please come out and deal with this mess show the country that you are the responsible choice and that you are going to stop this selfish, self-centered, irrisponsible, spoiled, not -in-touch-with-real-people person I'd call him every name in the book but i don't want the FBI investigating me. PLEASE AL GORE come out!! fry gw expose him to the world and do it with the passion you extended to us all on the campain trail. This man in the white house is disgusting and he dosen't care about us just himself and his wallet. VOTE GEORGE BUSH INCOMPETENTE

-- susan marie villers (susan, July 09, 2001



You said it all. Except you need not fear the FBI. In this country you have the right to call a pig a pig! George Bush is a criminal and his gang is a fascist mafia robbing our country for foreign multinationals.

Tell everybody you can find to dig deep in this site which is growing ever bigger with evidence of criminality. Fight in every way you can. Al Gore is coming back, he is just getting his troops ready and getting all the ammunition. He is a strong man who willmake the best president this country ever had!!!

-- Defender of Liberty (, July 10, 2001.

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