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When was the last time ya'll waded barefooted in the creek? How about chunkin rocks in that same little branch? Remember how it was to butcher an old hen and make chicken'n homemade noodles? Fresh pork liver from a just butchered hog---in the cool weather of late fall. Stuffin pork sausage in "gut" bought from the local country store--buildin soup outside over a wood fire-- and usin squirrel as part of the meat. Roastin a hog in an outside, homemade cooker and usin wood to cook it with too. What about that first walk with your life's partner? Did ya'll marry'r or him? Walkin in the summertime in a cool rain that just came up or walkin in the first snow of the year when it was fluffy and white and CLEAN! How about that first bowl of snow-icecream made from fresh cows milk, sugar and even some choclate. Remember when 9pm was considered "late" by the old folks. The flicker in the warm glow of a kerosene lamp and the warmth of a wood heatin stove on a cold winters night. Tunin across the broadcast band with the ancient floor model radio with the shortwave band also included on the dial. Splittin firewood with a double bitted ax-movin that firewood to the porch with the new homemade wheelbarrow. Chunkin snowballs at the mean ole turkey tom that was just awaitin to "flog" ya'll. Feedin little kittens with warm cows milk fresh from the "faucet". Makin hollow places in the hay in the barn--just to hide from pap in? How about those "Saturday baths" in an old wash tub settin in the back yard [for privacy from neighbors drivn by] and usin lye soap! Goin rabbit huntin and squirrel huntin with a .22 cal single shot rifle and just a few shells in ya'lls pocket. Fishin in the river and fishin for food and not necessilary for fun. Draggin a big "hog" of a carp or buffalo and maybe even a huge catfish for the entire family to eat? Diggin night crawlers for bait to use with chicken livers, bacon and even bread balls. Remember when the televisions were little black and white "tube" jobs that took 5 minutes to warm up and then the picture was sometimes distingishable amongst all the snow. Commercials for the "all new Chevy corvette for 1953?

Well, I guess this old dude kinda went off the deep end again. I find it easier and easier to escape todays troubles and slip back to those old days. They weren't any better than todays days but it sure does seem like it.

Last one---remember when ya'll could go to church wearin bib overalls and brogan shoes---and the PREACHER WAS DRESSED THE SAME WAY?

"Come up hither"---the MOST important words ya'll will EVER hear!!!

ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 09, 2001


Hoot I finally found out where you have been hiding! I've been missing my daily dose of hoot here lately. Glad I found you.

-- Amanda (, July 15, 2001.

Well gosh! I found you Hoot! I sure have missed you and your daily doses of my Jesus!! Keep it up and I will be here reading and hearing from you and Jesus. In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, July 16, 2001.

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