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Anyone out there in East Texas raise mini cattle? We are interested in starting a small herd. Can they run in the same pasture as our meat goats? Would like to find someone close by to visit and get a good look at them before we make our final decisions. jeff and susie

-- susie yeager (, July 10, 2001


Maybe this will help:

-- ~Rogo (, July 12, 2001.


I too am looking into mini cows. I plan to go to Louisiana to see these cows. They are the closest to me here in Houston, TX, it is about a 4.5 hour drive from us.

This website is very informative:

FORESITE RANCH JOHN & SUSAN FORE 33203 HWY 1019 Denham Springs, LA 70706 (800) 284-9005 (225) 665-9248 Fax (225) 665-0405

-- Ruthlynn Savoy (, July 12, 2001.

Hi all, We are located in Columbus, TX, about an hour west of Houston on I- 10. We are breeding miniature cattle and have a website that can answer some of your questions, or if you would like more, you can email me. We would love to help anyone and everyone in any way, just let me know. Just to throw some interest in there, we are breeding the ones people refer to as "oreo" cows.... Our bull, an American Sundog Miniature, looks like a mini beefmaster and stands at 36 inches tall and weighs 600 lbs. You can see his picture on the site. We are also offering stud service and soon semen from him.

-- Brandi/American Miniature Cattle (, February 19, 2002.

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