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It's a happy day for coffee junkies! Something good for a change, although I don't know why the "instant" is the thing they studied. I hope it's all coffee..... NATIONAL NEWS



More coffee, fewer wrinkles study 11 July 2001

By LOIS WATSON A cup of coffee a day could help keep the wrinkles away.

Scientists at the University of Sydney have discovered that coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals that attack and break down healthy tissue and cause ageing.

Leading New Zealand nutritionist and professor of food, nutrition, and health at Massey University, John Birkbeck, said that until now there had been very little research into the antioxidant potential of coffee.

"It is evident from the research that antioxidants occur naturally in coffee. We know antioxidants or polyphenols can neutralise free radicals before they can cause damage and thus can help slow the ageing process," Professor Birkbeck said.

"And just as fruits, vegetables, cereals, tea, and red wine are all dietary sources of antioxidants, so is instant coffee. Now coffee drinkers can enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage and know they are also getting the benefits of antioxidants," he said.

The research conducted at the University of Sydney measured the antioxidant potential of instant coffee.

The study has recommended that instant coffee be included with other plant-based beverages such as tea, drinking chocolate, and wine as a significant contributor to antioxidant intake.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), July 11, 2001


With the way I drink it, my skin should be tighter than a banjo string! Thanks for the justification for my morning pot of "Colombian Kickstart". Juan Valdez is always the first face I see clearly in the morning.:)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), July 11, 2001.

Hey Jay! What bout those banjer strings? I prefer GHS "lights" for Ode-y but will use Gibson also. Save'm up fer me if'n ya'll don't use'm. OH, did I jump the track somewhars here? Well, SOMEBODY said somethang bout banjer strings. Cool dudes! ole hoot, the banjer pik'r. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), July 11, 2001.

I'm with ya Jay!! I'm going to print this article and wave it in the face of all my super healthy friends who say that caffeine is evil. It made me really happy, what a great way to start the day.

Hoot, I prefer GHS pressure wounds.(bass) Have you checked out juststrings.com ? They have really good prices on strings.

-- Dreen (bisquit@here.com), July 11, 2001.

Hate to pop your bubble here but...Have you looked at old coffee drinkers? Not a smoth one in the bunch I know. Oh by the way I work at a senior citizen center...Keep the coffee flowing

-- grant (organicgrange@yahoo.com), July 17, 2001.

Ahh..but Grant, were they old coffee drinkers that also smoked? That will make a big difference sometimes.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), July 18, 2001.

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