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State To Look At Other Routes For Power Link Between San Diego And Edison TEMECULA, Calif. (AP) 7.11.01, 12:40p --

State officials said they are studying alternative routes for a power transmission line proposed by San Diego Gas and Electric Co. The utility wants to run a 500,000-volt power line through southwestern Riverside County connecting its power grid with Southern California Edison's. The cost of the project is estimated at $271 million and must be approved by the state's Public Utilities Commission.

But state officials listed alternative routes in papers released at a public hearing Tuesday. Some of the other ideas include putting the transmission line around the edges of an Indian reservation or running a route through the Cleveland National Forest.

Once a final selection is made, the information will be given to PUC commissioners who will either approve or deny the project.

Many residents who live in the path of the proposed transmission line don't want the project. An attorney representing several groups that oppose SDG&E's plans said there was no mention of alternative routes in environmental documents submitted by the company.

"Looking at the various route segments offered by SDG&E as alternatives is like trying to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic," said attorney Mark Mihaly

-- PHO (, July 12, 2001

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