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I just received Carla Emery's Encyclopedia for Country Living and simply cannot believe thhat I didn't buy it before. It's AMAZING!! I don't know how I lived without it. Who else has this book and knows how great it is?

-- Doreen (, July 13, 2001


Doreen, I can't believe you just got it either! LOL! I thought it was a staple in all our homes. Mine is so important to me that I tore it apart, page by page, putting each one in a page protector and in a huge notebook. I don't do animals so those chapters I put as many pages together in a protector as I could fit. It does make a huge notebook but now I know I can't ruin it beyond use. I think it is the most important book a homesteader or wannabe can have. I bought mine at a homeschooling seminar years ago from Carla herself. She was traveling around the country selling them, probably doesn't have to do that now!

-- Deena in GA (, July 13, 2001.

Next to my Bible, it is my favorite book! Don't know how any homesteader/farmer could be without it! I'm constantly referring to it and always discovering something new in it. It is definitely a wealth of info and to any one who doesn't have it - why?????

-- Barb (, July 13, 2001.

Congratulations Doreen, I really love the book, and it looks so good on the shelf next to the Foxfire books. I like the checklist in the back.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, July 13, 2001.

I can't believe you just got it is the best thing since sliced bread (homemade sliced bread)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- lesley (, July 14, 2001.

I have always meant to pick it up, and just never did until now. What a great reference! I'd have to say that it is indeed indispensible and it really should be in every home. I'm dumbfounded!

-- Doreen (, July 14, 2001.

I came across one by accident at our LDS bookstore a year or so ago; of course I had to buy it. Spent many afternoons pouring over those pages. Still one of my favorite books.

-- mary (, July 14, 2001.

I've had mine since 1982,I'm very attached to it.And yes if I could take two books to a desert island that would be the second.I'm buying one to put away for each of my daughters,and one for my daughter -in- law.I found one the same edition as mine in a used book store for 5 bucks!!!!!I 'm glad she's still printing them ,but I really favor the old edition better.

-- teri (, July 14, 2001.

I actually credit Carla Emery with saving my sanity. Several years ago I was going through a really black period in my life. I bought a copy of Carla's book and spent the entire summer sitting outside under the apple tree reading and re-reading her book from cover to cover. Through her writing I could forgot what was happening in my own life and enjoy all of her creative adventures with homesteading and homemaking. I will always appreciate Carla Emery and her wonderful book.

Thanks for reading.

-- Trevilians (, July 15, 2001.

Carla is my absolute favorite "homestead" type author, she usually has the answer for every possible question that might ever come up out in the country!!! Her wit and wisdom is much appreciated, she writes like talking to an old friend.

Do you all have the new (1999) edition put out by Sasquatch Press? If you just have an old edition, it's worth the 20 some bucks to get the newest edition, it's a library in itself!!!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, July 15, 2001.

That's the one I've got. I think it'll take a year to read it!

-- Dreen (, July 15, 2001.

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