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Well, we have hit summer for certain. I'm boiling. It's too hot outside to be able to work outside very well in the afternoons now. Arrrrgh. It's too hot to nap and too hot to work on my car. I just thought I would come here and whine. (I just got all my cheese supplies so if anyone has some extra berry wine they'd like to send, perhaps we could barter?) I gave up on frugality and turned on my a/c. Ahhhh.

It was 107 yesterday. How warm is it where you are?

-- Doreen (, July 14, 2001


88 and perspiration-manufacturing humidity here in bet i have the central air on. I open up all the windows at night and run the ceiling fans, then around 11 am, I shut all the windows, run the ac on 70 for an hour, shove the thermostat up to 85 and leave those wonderful ceiling fans on..keeps the house nice and cool all day with only an hour of central air (I also have a small house)...husband is happily outside in this heat playing with a new building he is putting up....he loves the heat (double yuck)...I love Alabama because the only wether I hate (heat) is July, August and September..the rest of the entire year is absolute bliss! We came back from the feed store this morning and saw a mother wild turkey and her five babies out for a stroll in the field across the way! Now that's cool!

-- lesley (, July 14, 2001.

Well . . . Lesley left out one little detail about our weather this summer: it has been raining almost every other day for the last three months. Normal summers I have to pump water from the Tallasahatchee Creek to keep my catfish pond topped up and aerated. All this summer I have only run the pump two days and both times I had to pull the pump right back out to save it from flooding. One afternoon storm even snapped a tree in half on the creekbank and threw the fallen trunk right across the 2" pump line. I had to unbelay and uncouple the pump and drag it and the suction line up out of the floodwaters with the lightning splitting trees all around.

On the 4th of July we had a thunderstorm so violent that when it was over about 8:30 in the evening and the rednecks started shooting off their fireworks, not ONE DOG barked for miles. My Kuvasok, who would normally be the noisiest barkers of all, were all hiding in the basement silent as mice.

Lesley is right about the humidity. I've got a digital thermometer/hygrometer for the incubators and the ambient humidy has been averaging 97%. The last couple of days the humidity dropped to 70% for the first time in months and it feels unbelieveably better.

-- Rags in Alabama (, July 14, 2001.

After those 115 days we had last year, Colorado is barely warm(lol). Well, it does get ninetyish sometimes. Haven't wished for air yet. (But I do miss those dog days in Texas, just the same). This week we have finally had some real rain, and the garden is looking pretty. (Still a few weeks to harvesting anything).

-- mary (, July 14, 2001.

hunnerdandseven . . . man, you must live in Texas!

It's only about 102 where I'm at, but we still come in from lunch, blinking at each other, mopping off sweat and making whining noises. And more of the same for the next week.

You know, if they ever decide to colonize the planet Mercury, they can find canidates here in the great state of Texas.

-- j.r. guerra (, July 16, 2001.

Warm during the day, but very cool at night. We've been getting down into the low 50's most nights. Great for sleeping, not so great for the tomatoes.

-- Cathy in NY (, July 16, 2001.

It's been 85 then 90 yesterday and today here in Baltimore, with some humidity for a change (ha!). We had a nice mild stretch for 5 days before. One day my sweat didn't bead at all!

-- rick K (, July 17, 2001.

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