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Things a countryboy should know. Don't stick ya'lls lips onna cold steel pipe. Don't feed a dog whilst hold'n the grub. Don't try to break up a dog fight over grub. Cats have STICKERS on they'rn feet. When rat killin--tie ya'lls briches legs at the bottom with binder twine. Don't rabbit hunt in tall grass with a club. Baby skunks ain't cute'n cuddly--that is if'n ya'll'r hold'n'm. Usin dynamite to fish with ain't cool. Shoot'n "walnuts" off'n a tree ain't too smart--that is if'n the game warden just happent to see that walnut [squirrel outta season] fall. Don't aggrevate a buck deer in rut season, while on foot. Don't wait till ya'll see the whites of thar eyes afore shootin. Ain't no such thang as the pot a gold at the end of the rainbow. Green firewood just won't burn--unless a big bed of coals already exist. Store bought bread AIN'T better'n homemade. Homemade candy won't stick to ya'lls mouth roof. Never get into a rotten egg throw'n battle. BB guns are for target practice and huntin---not for fight'n battles with'n ya'lls brother. Don't sneek up behind ole Jake the mule unless he knows ya'll'r there.

Folks! It won't be very long now until winters cold blast will be upon us. Some sooner than others but nobody is immune totally. Well, maybe some southern folks whom may or may not be readin this stuff. Anyhow, how are ya'll preparing for the coming hardships of weather and economics? Now is the time to start stockin up on groceries. Don't count on food to be available this winter---if the economy collapses, ya'lls income dissappears or ----!

Same goes for Salvation and death. Prepare now for while there is still time. Jesus Christ is coming back real soon. He's the only way to the Father. ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot, the country boy (, July 14, 2001

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