Week of July 15

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Week of July 15

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001


It appears that NO ONE is willing to challenge the Rose O appointment with the NY State Ed Commissioner. Saddens me that we are leaving the field to these sleaze ball...We know it's along shot, that the Commiss. might actually interveve, but I still think there's a case to be made to show they worked outside of the open meeting laws and abrogated citizens rights to have scrutiny over the political appointment process. If no one speaks up, then for sure the Commiss won't step in. Still time to put in an appeal...if anyone who is an aggrieved party wants to do this, I'm willing to help. this weekeend is the time to act. Otherwise we roll over for them. Anyone who wants to act can call me at 657-2914. This is separate and apart from anything the board members might do in court (more as that develops...)

Surprise: Special meeting on July 19th at the high school...Back on the agenda is the bennett "swing space". Any guesses what Doan's up to now? I bet he's trying to delay the space aquisition until he can mount a challenge to the bond issue vote.

Seesm that Doan and Millman have held up payments to those working in the Summer Arts Academy program...All parents of children involved should know that the instructors can't be expected to work when they are not being paid from the grant money Beth Lipton secured.

Another outrage...will the parents to speak out? July 19th at the High school 7PM. Tobe

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2001

Sorry I can't go to meeting tonight. I'm going on vacation. I did call PTA president, Phoenicia staff and parents to get the word out. I didn't know about the beth problem! Unbelievable! Good luck all.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001

Tobe - You are correct. Probably no one will file an appeal to the commissioner because, as you know, we had a meeting and it seemed quite apparent that even though what they did was unethical, morally bankrupt and downright dishonest, it was, unfortunately, probably legal. No one wants to spend the time to lose. We, with children, all know the value in choosing your battles wisely, otherwise you could be battling all day long. I personally feel this is a battle that will inevitably be judged against us by the commissioner and, more importantly, in the court of public opinion. Best to let it drop and be persued, as it initially was, by Meg and Tom.

Sorry but that's the way the cards seem to be falling. The year will progress but we will triumph in May at the next elections. And of that, I am certain.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

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