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Say, if everyone would just write a little letter and use the "power of the internet" to get the word out to people, we actually might be able to make a tinsy little nick in the armor of indifference our government wears. I wrote this little note and have finished sending it out to half of our business contacts. I did hotlink the site by putting the< andthe> on either side of the addy for We the People. Since Yahoo will only send to six at a time I have done about 400 emails in a it over an hour. Just an idea and I am trying to be proactive here! Here's the note I sent...feel free to copy it and change what you like!

Hello Everyone,

Maybe you remember about a year ago or so a group took out an ad in USA Today, asking for the IRS to answer a whole series of questions regarding the legality of the income tax. Well, after running several of these ads and petitioning the government with a remonstrance and holding symposiums to discuss this with the IRS, and NEVER getting an answer, two men, Bob Schultz and Roland Croteau have promised to fast to the death in order to get some answers. Due to pressure from the IRS, USA Today refused to run anymore ads for the group.

This might sound harebrained to threaten to fast to the death, HOWEVER, if everyone would take two minutes to write their congress critter and ask them to demand the IRS answers the charges against the agency they will be forced to acknowledge and answer the charges. There hasn't been anything in the mainstream media about this at all, and they have been fasting since July 1. Ron Paul and a few other congressmen are going to meet with them tomorrow July 17th.

Please go to and read a bit about it. They make a lot more of a case than I am making! They have the email links for mailing all of your reps and also phone numbers for the same. Please send this out to everyone YOU know. We can make a difference!

Take care!


-- Doreen (, July 16, 2001


DONE!!! I couldn't agree more that the gov't needs to fess up to quite a few things, lol!!

I DO have to say, though, that your idea is a lot better than killing one's self to make a point. Dying for what you believe in is one thing... these two certainly would be better off making their point in a more effective way.

BTW - Yahoo doesn't send to more than six at a time??? I never had that problem. Rocketmail is owned and run by Yahoo.

-- Sue Diederich (, July 19, 2001.

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