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Earth shatterin news!!! Well, kinda -maybe. It has been brought to my attention that what I write about is mostly "lies" and things that never happened. Those accusers can believe what they want----but----events happened and exactly as I've written. Now, that outta the way let us continue--!

Lookin back to those famous "dog days" in the summertime of years ago--in southern IL the temps and humidity got so high [still do] ya'll could see under'm. Air conditioning was not even heard of in these neck of the woods unless it was the hospital or some such place. Farm folks just had to "tough it out". Most of the time folks didn't even have a fan to help alleviate the onslaught of this, dreaded yearly event.

I think the name of "dog days" was kinda understated a mite. It wasn't only the days that were miserable but the NIGHTS were probably worse! The daytime ya'll were already up and about doin chores etc whilst at night ya'll wanted to sleep. That was a hard to find commodity when the humidity was about 100 bazillion [more or less] and the temp didn't drop below about 80!

If ya'll weren't on REA then it was almost a given that no fan was available for some relief. As REA came along more and more farm folks made their own fans to help out. Using what was handy was the order of the day. Electric motors from just about anything available would do in a pinch--hooked up via belt to a fanblade from an old A Model Ford done just fine too.

A quick dip in the little creek north of our house was a quick cool off-er- in the daytime--that is if'n snakes and other varmints didn't bother ya'll. Didn't wanna try it at night either.

Walkin down those hot dusty roads that had very little to no gravel- was a challange. Barefooted and dust half way on ya'lls ankles made for "hot footin" it to the shade. That dust was HOT! Hot nuff to burn the old stinky feet! Shoes? What was that? Not used in the summertime by country kids!

We sometimes used "Ole Nanny" to pull our little wagon for us to ride in. Course that was just around the house and barnyard. She was way too smart to leave very far. That was ok for us tho. When dinnertime was close it was a good idea to be close to the grub. Suppertime was just as good as dinnertime too. Country meals were something that have fell by the wayside over these "progressive" years. Why even the noon meal [dinner] has been moved to describe the evenin meal. What happened to the old time word of SUPPERTIME? Guess it doesn't make that much difference but to me--the old countryboy- those words will never change!

Are ya'll checkin on old folks around ya'lls neck of the woods? Heat kills and we need to be mindful of our older friends and family. Check and see how they're doin. The Age of Grace is quickly coming to a close. Jesus will return shortly. Now is the day of Salvation. hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 17, 2001


Hoot, as always, I love your stories! This one, especially, reminds me of how spoiled we are in today's world. We are so used to air conditioning (I only have one room air conditioner, but I am extremely grateful to have that one!). I can't even imagine going without even a fan! With the humidity we have down here I couldn't move if I didn't have at least a fan. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what we do have.

-- Deena in GA (, July 18, 2001.

Couple of days ago, I was standing in front of a fan in our air conditioned log house, using electric steam iron, sprinkling the clothes with my sweat, when I was abruptly reminded of long ago, when I was just a pup, as hoot says. We used flat irons with removable handle (so one iron could reheat while you used the other one) heated on Home Comfort range. No miracle fabrics then, so almost everything was ironed, and most were starched. Winter was bad enough, but summer was brutal! This was before REA, even before our home Delco system. How much we take for granted, and how very thankful I am for our modern conveniences!

-- ruth in se illinois (, July 23, 2001.

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