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What kinds of structure or structures? How much space do we need? Would the ideal place already have a small cabin or house or something similar, so that we'd have somewhere to live in the meantime? Do we want to build it ourselves? How much of an effort do we want to make to be environmentally sound? Are we willing to live off the power grid and use solar/wind/diesel/etc. to generate our own power? How much does solar paneling cost? What about water, and septic/sewage?

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001


An extant structure on the land would be a perk, and keep us from having to commute or stay in a motel or live in a tent for a long time, but any structure would automatically up the price of the land by a lot. And yeah, I'd _love_ to design the place and have a hand in the building, and to be as environmentally sound and self-sufficient as we can be. It strikes me that we're not looking to have a regular old jive rancher or Cape Cod style house on the land, and we wouldn't be well-served by such a thing. We need a space for a recording studio and booth, a practice room, a great room or hall, and some sort of office / composition room sort of thing. Also, a stage somewhere on the land, ideally, and maybe a few out-buildings - smaller houses, really just cottages, that friends / guests / tenants could stay in. I'm not sure about solar paneling - didn't you tell me Stephen's landlord knew something about that?

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2001

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