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I just thought there might be others out there who would be interested in the fact that the Mideast appears to be about ready to blow up. It doesn't seem as if the regular media wants to tell you much about it. Timebomb2000.com has a mideast update going constantly along with other news (Klamath Basin and a myriad of other issues). I don't know how to do links. Sorry!

-- Deena in GA (dsmj55@aol.com), July 18, 2001


Thanks for the URL Deena, I'll be sure to check it out.

FWIW: I disagree with the last phrase of your topic title. In my opinion, it DOES have something to do with homesteading. I feel like the majority of the posters here would agree that it is relevant as well. Again, thanks for posting thhe URL!

-- StevenB (thicketyrowfarm@aol.com), July 18, 2001.

Deena, this isn't a homesteading only place. It's about everything. It just happens to be that for me (and others), homesteading is an outgrowth and proactive response to the insanity of the current political and spiritual climate of the world at large. Real life isn't all cushy and nice all the time. It does affect your homestead plans when you look at the happenings in the world. Fact is there is a lot more going on than anyone of us can know or ever will know! It's good to ~get~ and work to ~keep~ informed. Thanks for the url. Muchos gracias,amiga!

-- Dreen (bisquit@here.com), July 18, 2001.

I forgot, this isn't CS where you're going to jump on me for posting something different! Sorry! Thanks guys, actually I believe that everything is interrelated and we certainly need to know what's going on in the world. I want to be as prepared as possible for whatever may come. And being the mother of an 18 year old male makes me watch for wars and rumors even more (don't want him drafted).

-- Deena in GA (dsmj55@aol.com), July 18, 2001.


I understand that, I watch closely too as our son is in the Army National Guard.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), July 18, 2001.

Deena: It doesn't take much to compare these current news stories with biblical prophecy to realize that we are in the beginning of the end times. Here are two other sites that has the real scoop on middle-east events: www.worldnetdaily.com and http://hallindseyoracle.com/

Skip in WA at www.sundaycreek.com

-- Skip Walton (sundaycreek@gnrac.net), July 19, 2001.

There has been one group or another ready to go to war over that sandbox for over 4000 years. If it wasnt for the Oil reserves, no one in the west would even be reporting on it.

-- Bubba (hodown@aol.com), July 19, 2001.

Dear Deena, Thanks for the web site, Hal lindseys site is good too.I wish more of you prohecy watchers would post more often, everyone seems to be afraid what people will say. Hal Lindsey feels this is the beginning, so close to the tribulation, Damacaus, will be a ruinous heap according to the bible, and Hal Lindsey feels, this could happen any time, And that sandy hole, is Gods country like it or not,And Jesus Christ will come back, and rule from there, Period, the bible says it and I believe it.Love Irene

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), July 19, 2001.

Deena! Thanks for the info. I've been interested in Prophesy for a long time. I find that Hal Lindsey is a very good teacher of what the Word says. I believe we're a whole lot closer to the Rapture of the church than what most think. Almighty God laid it on my heart through another Christian, that we ARE at the doorstep of His coming. I think the most opposition He encounters is with CHRISTIANS! They seem to think that He won't be back for centuries! The Mideast IS a boiling pot, waiting to explode and very shortly it will do just that. We, as Christians, need to keep an eye on happenings over there as it's an indication of what will happen. What happens "over there" will most assuredly affect us "over here". I believe this is the generation that will be alive when He calls "Come up hither"! Glory to God! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), July 19, 2001.

Thanks for the link... The Mideast stuff has made it through out here in every edition of the paper, but only in little bits and pieces. I'll be praying for all those with sons/daughters in the military... The Nat Guard here in Mountain Home and Boise are preparing to go... Some to Israel, some to the Gulf.

Seems rather odd.... There hasn't been anything much about the gulf either, though we've been on alert for weeks, just bumped up to high alert, and we've been bombing there again. It only made the papers once.

Funny that we are spreading ourselves so thin just when China and Russia have just signed a 'friendly nations' agreement......... That DID make our paper. I could go on about this one, but there are other things to worry about - like those boys we've mentioned.

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), July 19, 2001.

thanks for all the links to new prophecy sites. I have beening checking Time Bomb 2000 daily for a while now. I too am amazed that we are so close to the Rapture and Tribulation and yet the world continues on ...... but wait, isn't that just what the Bible say will happen! For those who are interested in prophecy, I would welcome any discussions. There is also a website Endtimes that has some good info and tidbits. God Bless.

-- connie in nm (karrellewis@aol.com), July 19, 2001.

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