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I had a really bad humidity problem here for awhile and I have some rust spots that developed on some guns that aren't just brushing off. What's the best way to take off rust on rifles?

Also, I have an old motorcycle with chrome rims that I want to fix up again and sell. There's rust on the wheel rims. What would work best on that? Thanks a bunch!

-- Doreen (, July 19, 2001


For guns with rust: Patience.....get some WD40 and spray on the rust spots and walk away for an hour....then get some Green Scotch Brite pads, the finest ones available, and LIGHTLY, VERY LIGHTLY, rub the rust spots..wipe off with a clean rag, spray again with WD40, wait another hour, repeat all of the above over and over until it is gone..for really bad rust, do the above, but then spray WD40 on the gun and leave it on overnight....It is important not to use anything heavily abrasive,to remove rust. Depending upon the finish of the gun, there are "Cold Bluing" compounds available to restore the finish. Before you use this, clean the area and surrounding areas with lacquer thinner with a soft rag to remove the oil residue. BTW, a true Texan would never let her guns rust! LOL

-- Neil/Lesley's husband (, July 19, 2001.

Thanks, Neil! And BTW, I never have had rusty guns before, and the guns WERE oiled. It just got so wet in here it was like a sauna. I'm not a real Texan. My folks weren't wise enough to get here so I could claim that appellation. Again...Thanks!

-- Doreen (, July 20, 2001.

HOLD ON....DON'T DO ANYTHING! Whew....that was close. I'll ask Mike at lunch what you should do. He is probably the best gunsmith in a couple hundred mile radius here. He gets work from as far away as Wyoming(we live in northeast TX). I wish there was a way to post a picture of the antique double barrel shotgun he just totally redid for me(custom carved and checkered stock....the works!). Hey he just drove up. He says: Take WD-40 and 0000 steel wool and lightly buff. If it takes all the bluing off the barrel get a bottle of coldblue and follow directions on the bottle. If you have problems just email me and I'll ask Mike.

-- Mandy (, July 20, 2001.

I used a product called biox i was so impressed i brought the company check it out !

-- graham gunning (, December 06, 2001.

Don't rust the gun in the first place. Buy only plastic ones with orange tips in the ends.

-- Peter Parker !!! (, July 01, 2004.

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