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Remember the Daisy "Red Rider" BB guns? I got my first one the same time ole jeep got his'n. For Christmas in about 1950. Wooden stock and forarm with a little leather swatch hangin on the side ring. Boy, we were in 7th heaven!! A small pkt of bb's were 1 penny and a bigger box was a nickel. Nothin was safe around the house with two bb guns in action. I lost track of all the killin we did in those first couple weeks or so. Dead tin cans were lay'n everywhere! Pap wouldn't let us shoot any glass because SOMEBODY had to pick up all that broken glass. Seemed our arms were broken when that task came up.

At one time we'd shot all the tin can a kazillion times [more or less] and were kinda tired of it. Solution? Why certainly. I hid beside the little old house that held the Delco light plant. Ole Jeep got behind the horsetrough. A war ensued. A truce was quickly called after I looked around the building and caught a bb in my lower teeth. Pap made sure the truce was enforced---he took the guns!!!

After we got'm back several days later--we thought they orta have more power. Solution? Why yes! Remove the stock, file the head off'n the rivet above the trigger and remove that rivet. Remove the spring thingy through the back of the gun and out where the stock had once been. Take that long spring and STRETCH IT OUT ANOTHER 6" OR SO. It'll take two to reassemble takin care to do it exactly as ya'll did takin it apart. REinsert the long rivet with the little "dog" in it's original position. Oil that dude up rite smart, reinstall the stock and have a "look see" at what it'll do. Try it out on a tin can and see if it'll do more than just dent it. Ours would shoot through BOTH sides of that can. Plenty powerful enough to kill rabbits with--that is if'n ya'll could hit'm.

For fun we'd point the bb gun straight up. Set a .22 rifle shell on the muzzle end with it slightly offset. Shoot the bb gun and llisten for the "report" of the rifle shell.

Yeah, we sure were ornery kids. More than once Jesus Christ had to "pull" us outta the flames---so to speak. I don't tempt Him like that anymore!! hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 20, 2001


Good grief Hoot....I thought my grandpa was a rascal as a kid. He used to tell me about stuff he did as a boy. He said it was lots of fun to tie one of your brothers to a calf. It was even more entertaining to tie 2 cats tails together and throw em over the clothesline. Had a fella tell me once that him and his brothers would catch the great big bumble bees and cut the stingers off the bees and then tie thread around them....said it was kinda like flying a kite on batteries. I think little boys are just born

-- Amanda (, July 21, 2001.

Tin cans weren't the only things Hoot and Jeep used for target practice! We always looked forward to the daily delivery of the mail and nearly always had a squabble or 2 about whose "turn" it was to bring in the mail. One day as I stood blocking the door, waiting for the mail carrier's car to drive away, I was shot at close range, right where I sit! Fortunately, this must have been before the guns were beefed up, since the BB didn't make a very big hole in my jeans or what those jeans were covering. I didn't make it to the mailbox that day.

-- ruth in se illinois (, July 23, 2001.

not an answer but any one know where i can sell a new in original box with trsure chest of bb's a 50 th anniversary edition red ryder

-- jim caparaso (, December 14, 2001.

not an answer but does anyone know where I can get a daisy red rider bb gun with the compass in the stock?

-- mike clute (, July 26, 2003.

I want a redrider, heh' yall remeind me of that country song,its like, "Shootin' dr. Pepper cans with your brand new red ryder That old folding lawn chair makes the perfect x-wing fighter Those no-name baseball cards spinning in your spokes Now that's cool" sumthin like that i luv that song!Its by Blue Country.TTYL!

-- Just SumBodY (, June 19, 2004.

does anyone what a redrider wouldbe worth and if there are any available rhans

-- val leblanc (, August 16, 2004.

if you still have that red Ryder in the box,,, I know where to get the best price for it

-- Stan (, August 17, 2004.

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