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My husband sent an e-mail to the president concerning stem cell research through Citizens' Link(A Focus on the Family connection). He used his yahoo address as usual. I got an Autoresponce on one of my Hotmail accounts. I didn't send the president an e-mail. How come I got the response?

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, July 21, 2001


They put a tag on your hard drive and then sent it to the hotmail box. I don't fully understand why they did that, but I am pretty sure that's how it happened. Like when you post on here, in the administartor part I can see the addy of the computer it came from. So if you use a fake one, and you have used a real one, I can still see who it really is. I hope that helps you! And it is SOO nice to see you posting from time to time!!!Yippeeee! I've missed you Cindy!

-- Doreen (, July 21, 2001.

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