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I've been bitten (inside my ear) by a bug that seems to be a gnat. I can hardly believe how this itches!! I broke down and took benedryl. Are you having sucess with anything natural, maybe an essential oil sprayed on a hat or something similar? I can't stand being in the garden when they're swarming my face! Also, have you had luck with homeopathic remedies for bites/stings?

-- Cathy in NY (, July 21, 2001


Try aloe. It is wonderful stuff for all kinds of things! For mosquito and fireant stings nothing beats rubbing alcohol to stop the itching. We are over-run with gnat's here this year too....hate the little critters....too small to get a good swat at. You might try some citronella oil to repel them while you are out in the garden.

-- Amanda (, July 21, 2001.

you know those silly hats with the dingle balls hanging off the brim? The balls keep flies and gnats out of your face. I used to laugh at my mom non stop for weraing that hat, but it does certainly help. That and citronella should keep you gnat free.

On the bites and stings, the best stuff I have found is garlic and salt and honey, It both helps to stop the itch and draw the stuff that makes it itch. Just a few slivers of garlic and a tic of honey with a dash of salt. the other stuff that is good is baking soda or cornstarch paste. Hope you get relief soon!

-- Dreen (, July 21, 2001.

If you ever get stung by a bee or wasp, run for the meat tenderizer, and rub in, It disolves the stinger. the gnats are so bad, and the mosquitos are terrible also. I will try the citranella. thanks Tom

-- Tom (, July 21, 2001.

Look at and look for "Mosquitosafe". It's made from geranium oil and works great on all the little flying critters.

-- Christina (, July 21, 2001.

I get good results with Avon Skin So Soft (which is now being sold as a repellant) and to rid the house of em I mix equal parts of vinegar, honey and olive oil in a saucer or bowl and set by where they are swarming.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, July 21, 2001.

For gnats that are buzzing you, try planting rosemary or pennyroyal in your garden, and when the gnats or mosquitos start "bugging" you, grab some leaves of either or both of these plants, rub them in your hand and rub your hands over your ears and face. It truly works!! For stings, grab a leaf of Mullein, or Plantain, and rub on sting, takes the "ow!" out immediately!! In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, July 22, 2001.

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