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Well, I have got a goat question. My little weathered goat ( 4 months old) is throwing up. Seems unthrifty, too. He is normally well though. He is in fact as tall as his mom already. The only baby she had and her first. I have never seen them throw up. This happened yesterday too. I didn't know what it was yesterday. I wormed them and have been giving them electrolites. It is real hot here. All of my goats seem to have quit wanting feed. They will graze but don't really want their grain. Which is way weird for them. They usually fight over it. I am very, very worried about them. Could someone please help here? Thanks.

-- Bonnie (Starjosabo1@aol.com), July 22, 2001


Bonnie please go this site and scroll up to your state. It's really super seious if goats are throwing up. Someone there will be able to help you. God bless!


-- Dreen (bisquit@here.com), July 22, 2001.

What kind of grain are you feeding him and how clean is it? Goats require very clean feed, almost as clean as what you or I would eat. It can't have manure, etc in it. Sometimes the feed mill sends out feed that leaves something to be desired in the way of cleanliness. I would change the feed to something from a different feed mill. Sometimes the feed mill will grind or mix something that goats don't like and it rubs off on the next batch of feed. If they aren't eating their grain, I don't tihnk it will hurt them to change the brand and start them on it-slowly of course, not the full ration right away.

I have had goats throw up before. It seems to happen for two different reasons. The grain is dirty or the pan is soiled, with mice droppings or manure for example. The grain may be unappetizing to them for some reason. In this type, the goats repeatedly refuse the grain and get sick when they try to eat it. If this is the reason, an hour or so later, they should eat other grain, try plain, clean wheat for example, with no problem or throwing up. The other cause seems to be when there is a very eager, enthusiastic eater who gobbles her grain down so fast that some of it gets caught or goes down the wrong pipe. This goat shakes her head emphatically, throwing up, strains while craning her head around a lot. This is the most common cause in our herd, and it's almost always the same goat! The next time she comes in to be fed, her appetite is fine and she eats without any trouble. If none of the goats want feed, I would suspect something is wrong with it.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), July 22, 2001.

THE FEED!!!??? I noticed a little mold on the corn I was feeding the chickens the other day. I went ahead and bought enough feed to last a while thinking that we were going to be having lean times for a couple of months here. My husband switched jobs after 14 and 1/2 years. So there was a little down time with no cash flow, if you know what I mean.I only have the three goats and four rabbits. Also a handful of chickens. Anyway I am towards the end of the barrel and that was feed from before I bought this. I assumed that if I kept it dry, it would be ok. I never thought it would go bad. It is real hot and sultry here. Humidity is usually as high as the temp. Well maybe that is a little exageration. But it's hot and sticky! I wormed them and their eyelids and gums are pink. They are not grinding their teeth. Maybe a little diareah because I have been letting them out into the field where they have lots of food. They are used to slim pickins in the one they have been in. I have let them in there before and they didn't get sick. Maybe a little diareah (sp?) because they stuffed themselves and weren't used to all the green stuff.Their sides are not bloated. In fact they look sort of thin. So lets assume that I have poisoned them with this feed. So now what, aside from throwing away all the tainted feed and getting fresh. How do I help their little bellies. Oh and a friend gave me some sulfer med. maybe thinking it could be coccidiocise (sp?) Probably I shoud not try this? There are no good goat supplies around here. When I go into the feed store and ask for something for the goats they look at me like they are not sure what a goat is. They sure aren't any help. I tried to get them some yougurt and they looked me as if I was insulting them for putting it in front of them. So fresh feed and what for their tummies? Surely this is what it is!!?? They will still eat the grass and vines and leaves, ect. Just not the feed. Even the baby. Oh! I am such a dummy! I can't believe I didn't think of that.

PS. Do you take a goats temp. the same way you would a dog? And uhm, how rude do they think this is? I mean, will I need to pin them down for this?

-- Bonnie (starjosabo1@aol.com), July 22, 2001.

Hi Bonnie, I would just give everyone baking soda. Let the diarrhea help pass the toxins from the body, do not give pepto or anything to clog it up since you want it to pass. Having normal clean water out, and cleaning your buckets regularly is enough, you shouldn't have to feed elctrolytes. You may want to go ahead and use the sulfa for the cocci on any of your young goats, with the stress of all of this, cocci and worms will take this chance to multiply. When time get tough you are better off just feeding the best grass hay you can afford. Unless you are showing, or raising kids, most does, bucks and yearlings, this time of the year, can go without grain, just a good mineral mix out. Keep your grain for your milkers, and growing your kids out. I am so gald you caught this all in time, might want to go over to saanendoah.com in the serious goat stuff section and read up on enterotoxemia and also polio/thiamin difficency, both things that this grain mold could bring on in your goats. You will want to reinnoculate their rumens with good bacteria with Probios, around $7.95 at my feed store, you just click the knob to 5 grams and give each goat some by mouth daily. You can also use yogurt that has natural culture in it. Good luck. Get back with us if you need us. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), July 22, 2001.

Vicky, How many days for the probios? And this is for all the goats??? Thanks. Oh! Thanks for the site to look at too. I am going there now.

-- Bonnie (starjosabo1@aol.com), July 22, 2001.

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