July 22

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News and views week of July 22

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001


Article from the Po'keep Journal on the demand for qualified superintendents in the area. Doesn't look promising. Something we might want to keep in mind for the near future as Hal's contract runs out (or the Board junta's contract on him escalates).

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

The petition to keep Doan off the Facilities Committee -- please note that if Jim wasn't able to catch it in time, that "In light of the voters support" should read "In light of the voters' support".

Maybe you each could manually change it if you can? We've made a point of mentioning that CARE have problems with basic English...

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

I have been circulating a petition to NOT reappoint Mr. Doan to chair the facilities committee. Anyone who hasn't signed or heard of this please contact me and I will follow up on it to enable you to sign or distribute the petition. Please note that the deadline for petitions is the next board meeting which, if I'm not mistaken, is August 20th. Please help us get as many signatures as possible. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

I would like to invite Lev Flournoy onto this SOS site. He is an interested party who would like to be perceived as a moderate voice not affiliated with any of the sides.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Freeman on Doan's release of information

Includes Jim's online response, and probably others from CARE in response as the day goes on. Keep checking.

Um, Jim? FOIA (pronounced FOYAH, as in a fancy New England front entryway), not FOIL. Gotta run, have to get to my Pedantics Anonymous meeting. ;)

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Many thanks Carol for keeping me straight!

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

There are various scientific theories trying to figure out whether it's nature or nurture that's responsible for that, so I can't take credit.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Given that some of you are prone to sending attachments, I'd be real careful aboutsending or accepting anything with attachments due to the Sircam worm It's been circulating in at least one set of people I know.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

How's the petition drive going?

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

Ted reported last night he was pleased to see one at Get the Scoop, and that signed by Tomassian.(sp?) He didn't feel he would have seen that there last year. (Of course, the other possibility could be that Angie may entertain a run for the board for Doan's seat some day?)

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2001

Actually, I strong armed Joe Tomasioan into signing along with his wife and Angie. Got to get the sigs wherever I can.

Angie is very influential due to her active involvement in the school and Olive Athletic Association. I was pleasantly surprised and felt it was a victory for her to sign and even agree to take some petitions for the store. All of her family are supportive of the Bennett project and this is a political wedge of which we must take advantage.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2001

History was made last night. Approx. 200 democrats showed up at the caucus last night in Shandaken! I never in my 21 years living here experienced such a turn out. The Gitter issues seem to have gotten folks out. A Dem slate was voted in with couple incombent Republicans. There is a contest. I also brought the petition....got 54 signatures, Jim! Many more to come.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

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