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The year was 1978-in the springtime. I was teachin at a local college at night and contracting electrical, heating and a/c in the daytime. I had a day off so went to help an older brother deliver some L.P. He owned the company and had a hard time finding qualified employees! Brag Brag!! Well anyhow, I loaded the small delivery truck with about 600 gallons of L.P. and headed to an oil lease to fill the tank for a saltwater injection well. North of Noble, in a disc'd field that had been worked when it was too wet. Dried and had these rather large sized "bolders" of hardpan and clay, to deal with. Backed the little 1 ton chevy up fairly close to the 250 gallon tank and pulled the hose to fill it. Noticed the little 118 Fairbanks and Morse engine was idle'n along pumpin saltwater into the ground via an old oilwell. Went ahead and delivered the product, put the pump in "bypass" mode, unhooked the hose [1 1/4" dia. hose] and drug it back to the rear of the truck. Laid it on the ground and started "reelin" the hose in on an electric hose reel. I had lost the big brass "bull plug" and couldn't plug the hose. Very dangerous situation. A quarter turn quick close valve was on the end of that hose. As the end of the hose was ready to reel up it turned quickly and the handle hit one of those big "bolders" of clay. The valve handle was opened totally---LIQUID was streamin out at an alarming rate---doin the snake dance---me on the business end ---uncontrollable whippin around. LIke havin a bear by the butt, I couldn't let go for fear of gettin clunked on the old noggin--couldn't just lay it down and run---! Within about 20 feet of the little engine-open exhaust-L.P. cloud everywhere. Result---EXPLOSION! The next thing I knew I was about 100 feet away from the truck! I quickly walked back to the truck and the hose was layin on the ground by the right front wheel---fire at a gentle rate coming out of the hose/valve. I picked it up and turned off the valve. Fire was out---thank God! It was then I noticed my right arm was kinda tinklin a mite. Looked closer and saw it was "cooked arm of ole hoot". Half a shave--half a haircut and 3 weeks paid vacation.

I still carry scars to this day from the wrist to the elbow on my right arm.. Had a short sleeved shirt and "cuffed" liquid gloves on so was protected by those. I took about 2 years to get the strength back in my right arm.

Moral of this story? I dunno--but betcha some angels got their wings singed a mite!!!

Hell is full of fire--I've seen it and AIN'T gonna go there. I don't want anybody else to go there either! No need to--if ya'll trust Jesus Christ! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 23, 2001

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