On the short wave Radio, Whe wheat crop failer, With carnal bunt disease

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Hi, As a short wave Radio Fan, I hear a lot of things good and bad, I don"t know if there all true or not. But this morn. they were talking about the wheat crop failer. with Carnal Bunt disease. Also went on to say, we should stock up on our whole grains again, and used a bible verse about a day wages to buy a loaf of bread. When I hear these things, I always kinda flap in the wind, should I stock up or should I just rely on the Lord, Then I think well just maybe we are being warned and should heed it. Now that I have said all that, someone posted on one of the sites, about honey wheat, I you are out there, tell me where you buy it. and a grain mill.What do you all think?love Irene

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), July 24, 2001


Hi Irene, maybe that was me talking about the wheat. I have a Champion juicer, and just recently bought the grain-mill attachment. I really don't know anything about any other types of grain-mills. I work in a healthfood store here in NY, and we sell the juicers for $199 (yes, that's an awesome price!! I believe they retail for $269.), and the mill was $74. Lucky me, I get stuff at almost wholesale, so I get 25 lb. bags of organic wheatberries pretty cheap, between $7 and $10, depending on the variety. I've always kept a huge supply of food in my pantry and basement, I guess because my Mom always did. Right now, I have even more than usual, as I'm trying to get stuff ready for the move to MO, and I'm buying stuff a little at a time, when it's on sale, and boxing it up. Anyway, see if you can find a healthfood store or a co-op in your area, if you're serious about getting grains. Call ahead and ask about ordering 50 lbs; we give customers a big discount for placing advance orders rather than coming in and buying the only extra bag we have in stock. Consider the shipping charges if you think about ordering online, sometimes it's not worth it. Also, some stores have a policy where they will match the advertised price of a product, you may be able to dicker a little on the price of a grain-mill if you decide to try and buy locally. Hope this helps.

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), July 24, 2001.

Irene, just be prudent and remember that God is STILL in control. The way I see it we should all be stocked up, but it is impossible to prepare anything other than your heart for 'doomsday'. God told us what is coming, and we are to trust in Him...Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. God bless!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), July 26, 2001.

I have heard on "regular" AM radio that there is a bad outbreak of carnal bunt in the wheat this year in Texas and OK. I don't know if it is enough to do serious damage to the entire nation's wheat harvest or not, but it is supposed to be bad enough that it has virtually destroyed the Texas wheat harvest. I do not know that it is time to panic, but I usually try to have a backlog of food on hand all the time any way. That might not hurt for you either. Just a thought.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), July 29, 2001.

Local farmers here have been harvesting their wheat right now, it's a good crop, plenty of rain this year, looks great here in Ohio!!!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (annie@1st.net), July 29, 2001.

Well, don't know if this is any comfort or not but here goes...

I've been prayin for nigh on 7 or 8 years for God to provide a place in the country so that when it came time for them to force the mark in order to buy sell or trade, we would be able to grow our own. Also, I was given Matt. 24:45 a long time ago. Kept gettin that and christians walkin up to me out of the clear blue saying, "You're like Joseph". Now enough of this and a couple of other messages that have already come to pass and I gotta think that God has a purpose in all of this.

So, I been prayin up a storm. We finally found a place. 3 BR 2 BA on 1.18 acres of land for $15,000. It's enough to raise a fair garden, pygmie goats and chickens and some feed. Not a whole lot but then I keep in mind the "loaves and fishes".

We went to the realtor and told him we only had $500 to put down. Asked if the feller owned it free and clear, Yes. Asked if he would talk to the owner and see if he would accept the down payments in payments without interest and the balance at interest.

The evening of the 10th, on our way back from signing the contract I asked the Lord, "Did you give me the property because it was the desire of my heart or because this is the end times and we need to prepare?"

The next morning the whole nation saw the beginning of what I see is the end. The realtor called up right before the news program and said the owner signed the contract! After my initial shock I still continued to pray and I asked God that if this was getting pretty close to the end and we needed to prepare that He confirm it for me.

The next day, and everyday since then, I have had people come into my office and say, "I feel lead to buy some property out in the country while I still can. This is the end times", or "We are living out Revelation, be prepared.", or "Some GI's came in one day and both of them told me to stock up, just in case (they weren't Christians that I know of."

So, I am taking this as confirmation from the Lord. But...Our mortgage is for 5 yrs. So, I also believe the Lord is saying don't panic you still have time, just be faithful and prudent.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (possumliving@go.com), September 17, 2001.


Wanted to post this a day or so ago and didn't get the chance. After I posted about my 5 yr. mortgage, the Lord reminded me that one of the things I made sure was stipulated in the mortgage agreement was that there was no penalty for pre-payment.

I'm getting from the Lord now that He is going to help us pay off that mortgage in quick order and to pay the taxes in advance but don't have anything definite as far as years, just that it will be paid off prior to the 5 yrs.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (possumliving@go.com), September 24, 2001.

Local farmers here in Australia can only hope for a bit of carnal bunt, come to think of it i wouldnt mind a bit meself. But the strain we here gives of a scent like tuna, and when ground and made into a lovely loaf, it really tastes like a roast chicken roll. mmmmmmmmm yummmy

-- don nuts occoba (donoccoba@yahoo.com.au), June 13, 2004.

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