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We found our homestead back in 1976. After travelin around, livin in cities etc. we moved back into the area because of a job. The Police Dept. in a nearby town was need'n a police officer. I'd already been workin as one at another town north of here--so I took this local one. In about a year I quit that job to take a teachin job in a local junior college and stayed there for about 3 years. In the meantime I was also "double timin" at other jobs for the extra cash.

We moved again to be closer to the college job and my electrical contractin business. A quick decision and we bought a used Mobile Home for temporary housin. Set it in the town of Noble, IL and immediately hated the "city life" that we'd moved from about 3 years before.

Then I heard my older brother Jim had a little farm in the boonies. 24 acres, down a dead end road--right next to the Little Muddy river bottoms! Told'm thought we'd just move onto it and "squat" for a spell. He said--"Go ahead--I don't care"! Boy, that was just what I wanted to hear! In the edge of a field---we planned on movin our Mobile Home. Told'm I just couldn't move because he hadn't put in a septic system, water well, grid or a driveway. He still didn't say no but instead made the driveway, bought the septic tank, contracted for the well and ran the power in! Figgered I better not ask'm if he could get somebody to put the septic in--but I didn't have to. He'd already hired a guy to "backhoe" the installation, dig the lateral and cover'm up!

In October of 78--on a Friday- we moved the mobile home on location. We didn't have the water well just yet but over the weekend blocked and hooked up the mobile home. Well everything cept'n the water! Come Monday mornin the well driller pulled his BRAND NEW rig in. He'd already brought his old rotary up two weeks ago--pulled it in with a tractor. It wouldn't even run!!!! Well-in 4 hours he had the well drilled, cased and loaded out the new rig and was gone. I came home for noon meal [dinner to ya'll city folks] and all that remained was the "dead rotary". After hoggin down my noon grub-headed back out to work. Met'm comin after the old rig. That night after work, installed the deep well pump and ran a hose on top of the ground. We had WATER!

Ended up buyin the farm in November of 90. We done away with the old single wide mobile home-into a used double wide [double trouble] until Oct of 95 when we bought a new Amish built modular. Here we set now--crowd'n 60 years old [I'm 57--lil Dumpllin is 55] on our own farm, still plantin trees, still thankful for all we've been blessed with and happy as if we had good sense.

We are caretakers for Him, of what He's allowed us to take care of while here in this life.

"Why don't ya'll move to town?" Common question asked of us a lot of the time. My answer---Why? -EVERYTHING I want is right here!! Sides that--I never left anything in town--no reason to go back! I came here with not much and still have most of it left! Happiness and contentment are priceless! EVERYBODY should be so blessed as we are!! Thanks Lord for the privilege of livin out here. ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- ole hoot, the happy hick from Illinois (, July 24, 2001


Here I was a thinkin you were just a simple old hillbilly and you turn out to be a police officer and a teacher! Sure do wish I had a brother like yours :o).

-- Mandy (, July 28, 2001.

We now have our homestead for sale. Check the Barter board out for the details or email. If you're wantin to get back to the land -- this is already set up. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (, May 14, 2003.

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