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The cool of a summers evening in the country is something ya'll won't ever forget. Settin outside under the trees, fight'n skeeters, listen'n to the whipporwills and other birds startin to crank out their "night" songs can be very calming to frazzled nerves. The heat of the day almost gone and the evening cool breezes startin to filter in throught the trees is something that's indescribable--well by this old hick anyhow. A little smokey wood fire does wonders to help control the skeeters and other "nasties" that fly around lookin for red blood. Don't even hurt to contain that little smokey fire a mite and set a coffee pot ontop of the cookin grid. I don't smoke the old cob pipe anymore but still enjoy coffee.

Now, if'n ya'll have company that just happens to show up---with misic boxes---so much the better. After tunin up and startin the music it's an evenin really worthwhile!! Maybe a hunk of cooked cow or hog sure goes a long way also to makin an evenin to remember even more so. It's kinda hard tho, pik'n the banjer and eatin a sandwich of roast hog--at the same time! Somehow we manage to do both!

Life in the country hasn't changed all that much in the last 50 years or so--well in some ways anyhow. The "boob toob" has replaced most of the old time get-togethers and visitin I guess. Some call the modern way "progress" but I have my opinion about that too. I've seen lots of progress and its a wonderful thing. Medical advances all the way to shoes and everything else inbetween. I still like settin in the shade of a big Maple tree and pik m'banjer with just about anybody that shows up with a guitar, mandolin, fiddle or doghouse bass. I'm not "knockin" anybody for what they want or enjoy but have myself found my tastes have reverted back to the way I was raised over 50 yrs ago in the country.

Gonna be a big homecoming shortly. Ya'll are invited too. If'n ya'll want Peace and Calm in the midst of lifes storms--come on an attend. Jesus Christ will be the Main Speaker! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot, the banjer pik'n hick. (, July 28, 2001


Hello Hoot, Well it is Sunday morning and I am at work at the electric power plant. I remember when I was just a kid, we had an acre and a half garden. I hated the hoeing, but loved the tractor work with the old Ford 8N. My dad use to plow the fields for people n St. Helena parish, around his house for three dollars a day and most of the money went to his parents. Now with me living in the city again, I wish I had a garden atleast ten acres big! I know it is late, but I told my wife we need to put out some vegetables. They would only be in flower pots though. No tractor work. :( Later Jerry

-- Jerry Travis (, July 29, 2001.

Hey Hoot,

I close my eyes and can almost smell that little smokey fire as it crackles and pops and the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee as the evening breeze gently stirs the coals on the fire. Mind if I bring my hammered dulcimer? John 14:1-3

-- Kathy (, July 29, 2001.

Hey Kath! Brang that dulicmer and don't fergit the "hammers"! Got new GHS Scruggs/lights for Ode'y ---all i gotta do is put'm on. Cleaned house today and "torchered" ODE'y a mite. Anxiously awaitin a little cooler weather so's me'n ole ode'y can go pick. Boy! Everybody orta be so BLESSED! ole hoot gibson---the hick from ILLINOIS! Matt.24:44

-- hoot gibson (, August 01, 2001.

I'll bring my lap dulcimer and some just made blackberry cobbler!

-- Ann Markson (, August 02, 2001.

I cannot every imagine leaving the farm .I was not raised on one and my older children spent time in the city .I will never regret moving them here .The look in the babies eyes as she watched a calf take it's first step , picking up a new born goat huggy it ,carrying her new kitten and saying mine ? The amazement of finding eggs under a hen and not in the fridge.Watching the children running and playing being kids , chasing goats , jumping on hay bales , watching life begin and end , getting the firsts from the garden or apple orchard.You cannot by these memories.

-- Patty {NY State} (, August 02, 2001.

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