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Item Description I have a D2V XL that I have had for years, thinking I was going to use it some day. We'll that day has not come. I bought this enlarger new and used it for a few months in school. It has been in the original box for years. It will shoot 20" X 24" with no problems. It has an extra heavy double geared track. I have decided to sell it with my Nikons and upgrade to a AF camera. I have a lot of extra's including the Enlarger which is in new conditon. 1. D2VXL with the laminated Oak base. I have the original box but it has to be changed, its coming apart W/ owners manual 10/10. You won't find a better deal.


Simmon Omega Carriers for 35mm. exc 3.Simmon Omega Carriers for 2 in original box. new 4.Simmon Omega Carriers for 4X5 in original box. new 5.Nikkor EL 50 f4 new in original box and case (enlarger lens) 6.Nikkor EL 75 f4 new in original box and case (enlarger lens) 7.Extra base mount for D2V ( to be able to mount the enlarger on a table)new 8.2 Simmon Omega lens carriers for D2V new 9. Omega red filter with holder 10. Unicolor electronic timer 11.8 X 10 proof reader 12. Kodak auto siphon tray 13. Omega 8 X 10 easel mint 14. Watson 100 35mm bulk film loader 15. Graduated cylinder 600mm plastic 16. plastic 35mm developing tank with reels 17. Stainless Steel Nikor 35 mm developing tank with 2 StainlessSteel Reels 18. Bestwell Optical Magna Enlarger sight 19. 5 plastic trays


Total $885

-- Dennis Hughes (shiloh@tyler.net), July 29, 2001



I don't know if you received my other emails, but I am very interested in the enlarger and all accessories if they are still available. Thank you.


-- Jennifer Grassle (aphotojenn@aol.com), October 03, 2001.

Have you sold the package yet?

-- Al Lipsey (rvseller1@aol.com), January 05, 2003.

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