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Plowin the garden back in the early 50's was accompllished by usin the old Farmall F 14 Tractor. This was the way to get it done before we had the International H and the 3 bottom plow. The F14 was slow, unhandy, akward but it still did the trick quite nicely. Pap would use his breakin plow and leave the double deadfarrow down the center of the garden one year and then on the outsides next year. After is was plowed the disc came next if the dirt wasn't too wet. If it was then the garden was allowed to dry for a day or two before disc'n. He'd make that raskel like "bug dust" before it was all done. Said it was much easier to "tractor it" than hoe by hand.

Hillin taters was done with a rake. Plant'n'm was accomplished by ole jeep and myself!!! It WAS kinda fun to job those "eyes" into the hills. Pap wouldn't let us plant greenbean seeds or much of anything else except turnips in the fall. He didn't like'm so wasn't too concerned if they made much or not. Of course they were the most heavy producers of the entire garden I think!

The tomatoes was one of the most important of all the vegs planted. Taters, Beens and corn were first and foremost with maters rite next. Cabbage, onions, beets, carrots were somewhere down the line in importance. Sour Kraut was something I absolutely hated. Mom made that nasty stuff every single year! Into a very big crock, set on the back porch, covered up with a cloth, a large wooden cover and then a crete block on top to keep the ??? out. I don't know what would've wanted in that stuff but apparently some things will eat anything!

Pick'n time was the most fun. Fresh beans, corn, mater, taters etc. were always looked forward to by all of us---each year. A BIG iron kettle of about 4 gallons filled with fresh green beans, sow belly, onions and fresh taters---simmered all day on the Home Comfort wood cookstove was in itself plenty for a meal. Very seldom it was the case. A big slab of fried hog, fresh maters and corn on the cob was most likely the companion grub to go along with those special green beans. Top all that off with bunches of Iced Tea and HOMEMADE BREAD----meal fit for a King! " The farmer feeds the world and sets at the head of the table!"

Jesus is coming soon. Will ya'll invite Him to have a "set down" at your table? He's awaiting your askin Him. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 30, 2001


Hi hoot, On our farm as a child, we had plow horses,Dad would go our and harness those horses up, and put us kids up on there backs, you could stack 6 kids easy, Our legs would be sticking straight out sideways, those were the fattest horses. Big John and Big Jane.Dad would feed them a bucket of oats, and they could work all day.Dad use to say eat your oatmeal, so you can work all day too. I just thought of this when reading your post. Love Irene

-- Irene texas (, July 31, 2001.

Hey! Uncle Hoot! Do you remember the Sunday afternoons we all used to go to Pap and Mammy's and spend the day making homemade ice cream? Had that thought come to me the other day. I remember arguing with the other grandkids about who would get to crank that ole ice cream machine. At least when we were younger, that's when it was the most fun. As we got older we didn't argue to much about it. Boy, it sure was nice when Unca Jimmy got the kind that plugged in! Just thought I'd contribute this little comment, I bet you have a good story about them days!!!!!!!!!

-- 'ole sis (, July 31, 2001.

hey ole sis! Didn't know you lurked around here. Glad to see your name and comments.

-- ruth in se illinois (, August 02, 2001.

Hey, another of the Gibson group!!? Welcome! How many cyber Gibsons are there??

-- Doreen (, August 02, 2001.

Sorry Doreen for not seein your followup before. Lets see--Gibsons. I dunno! Probably half dozen at least---scattered all over the country! I'm the purty one tho! All the others are rich all I got was the "purty" and I'm starvin to death on all these good looks. Why, ole calvin the cat is a feered uv me! He's gitt'n kinda poorly too frum not etin his'n grub. His'n grub ain't too bad either. TAstes kinda like peanuts! ole hoot. Matt. 24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 07, 2001.

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