2nd 2 weeks

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The tractor has arrived. We have a brand new New Holland. I am not very mechanical, all I know is itís blue!!! Lol. Weíve used it to move caravans, and it is so much easier than pushing them by hand. The children think it is great riding on the tractor.

The beginning of July was clod here. We had to put the heating on. Something Never heard of in our family ever. We even lit the aga.

The weather finally set nice and we have been making hay. We actually cut about all 30 acres but only baled about 18. The rest was so full of thistles. All thistles and no grass. We have managed to put up 1000 square bales. Not bad considering we have no experience, and the land has had no management for 3 years and had totally gone to pot. Iíve discovered muscles I didnít know I had. We managed to do this in 7 days.

The ducklings have arrived. They are Khaki Cambells. I ordered 12 thinking some may die but they are so strong and robust. They are all doing fine. Arenít babyís time wasters? I have to keep going in and checking them!! We put them in Charlotteís (3) paddling pool. She only got it a couple of weeks ago for her birthday but she thinks itís great the ducks are living in it. We separated half of it off to start with but today they have been let into all of it. (8íx5í)

I started making some cakes to sell with the eggs. Light fruitcake and sultana cake are the most popular with chocolate and ginger coming in well behind. Iíll have to do another batch tomorrow.

We have ordered 12 weeners. Large white crosses. They were supposed to be delivered this week but weíve had to put this on hold because of foot and mouth. We had already agreed our neighbour could rent a paddock for 24 Jersey calves and they are coming this week. The new legislation due to f&m says you cannot move livestock on or off within 21 days of a previous livestock movement.

To get the pigs here we are having a man deliver them for us, as we donít have a trailer yet. The pigs have to be visited by the vet within 24 hours before being transported. The truck then has to go to a sanitation site to be disinfected and sealed. He collects the pigs and delivers to us. He must then wash out the trailer and return to the sanitation plant with the relevant paperwork and be disinfected again. All this we have to pay for. £20 disinfect ion (about $30).

I spent quite a lot of time finding a vegetable shop that may have end of day surplices. I have found a small shop, only a mile away who has so far given me 2 sacks a day (Once I found them I could hardly tell them we havenít got the pigs yet) This should help with their feeding as we havenít got a vegetable garden yet.

We bought a Rhode Island Red cockerel from the man we got the ducklings from, and separated the 7 best chickens to be with him. Weíve named him Rooster Cogburn (only animals not going to be dinner are getting names here) the new passion palace hen house arrived today and when weíve finished joining the electric fence to the new chicken paddock Cogburn and his wives will be moving in.

Well that's us in the UK for another couple of weeks. Greetings to you all

God bless you


-- Alison Homa (alison@mullacottfarm.co.uk), July 30, 2001


Hey Alison, it sure sounds like you are doing a whole load of stuff! That's great, but pace yourselves a little bit. One day it will just jump on you and you will be t-i-r-e-d.... but a good tired!

My first rooster's name was Cogburn as well!

Thanks for the updates, you are a joy!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), July 30, 2001.

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