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Help! Tell me what to write about. Satisfaction guaranteed or I refund the donation.

-- Paulineee (, July 31, 2001


You may already have covered any suggestion I make, however -- why not do an entry about you and your reactions to the world while growning from first awareness to maturity ? -- Have you ever been to Vancouver (sp ?) Island, B.C. ? There are some fantastic sights there. The noon gun which startled the heck out of me when there -- have you heard it ? -- Tell us about your travels and your feelings about them. -- Traffic problems you know of and your reaction to them.

-- Denver doug (, July 31, 2001.

OK... 1) Your experiences at McGill. You would have been there at an interesting time, from what I remember there was the trashing of the computers at Concordia U, what was happening at McGill? or was there the usual reaction of sitting on the hands? 2) The growing up in an Englishing speaking section of Montreal and the impact on you of the PQ election in 76 and the fear in the english Montreal as companies like Sun Life moving out of Montreal.

-- Douglas (, July 31, 2001.

Cool, thanks guys. I only hope my brain won't start to hurt from thinking (an unaccustomed activity at times).

Anybody else? If I use yours I'll link to you if you have a webpage. Links.. the currency of the web community.

Better get some more coffee..

-- Pauline (, July 31, 2001.

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