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I am growing banana squash for the first time, and am wondering how to tell when it is ripe, and also, how do others cook it? Any of ya'll grow it?

-- mary (, July 31, 2001


I'm waiting for answers, too! I have a packet of seeds and am interested to find out more about it.

-- Doreen (, August 01, 2001.

For that matter, I'd just like to know what it is. (other than 'a squash').

-- StevenB (, August 01, 2001.

If you want it to keep,wait until the stem turns brown and kind of warty looking ( you know, like other winter squash). Just cook it like regular winter squash or pumpkin. i have grown it before but not this year (not enough room). It stored really, really well, almost a year!

-- Rebekah (, August 01, 2001.

Thanks, Rebekah, I wasn't sure what I had there. Only one plant came up, but boy, it is huge! Do you just store the thing whole on a shelf, then?

-- mary (, August 02, 2001.

I too am wondering when I would know if they are ripe enough to eat, some of mine are huge.

Also would like to know the best way to keep them, last year mine were starting to rot by Feb.

-- Art Hanley (, August 11, 2003.

I am growing banana squash this year because we love it! my gardening friend at work told me that when the squash is ready she bakes up the whole thing, then scrapes it from the rind and freezes it in muffin tins (that is about one serving size). After it is frozen, she removes it from the muffin tins and puts it in freezer bags. ( enough per bag to feed the whole family). It is important also to suck the air out of the freezer bags with a straw. Just thaw it out and heat it when you want it. You can enjoy your banana squash all winter long.

-- Cindy (, June 05, 2004.

I heard it isnt ready to pick until you can no long dig your finger nail into the skin, It should be hard and stem hard and the squash stem starts to dry up. keeps in cool place with good air flow around it for a long while. I micro it , if its not too big, when soft enough , cut remove seeds then bake in oven , left overs can be scraped from shell and frozen for later use.

-- Sherry (, July 07, 2004.

It is ready to pick when the stem starts to dry up. My favorite way to cook it is to peel it and cut up and boil on stove top for about half an hour, adding one cup of sugar or splenda if you dont do sugar and one or two teaspoons of cinnamon.

-- Danna Harper (, August 19, 2004.

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