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I am trying to find more information about the French artist and engraver Raoul Benard. What I've been able to put together so far is that he was born late in the 19th c. and did a number of nouveau and deco engravings. A couple that I know about are the bronze coin for the 1924 Paris Olympics and a 10 franc coin from 1922. I would love to find out more about him and his art. Any suggestions? General web searches on multiple search engines have turned up a couple of gallery items in france and germany but nothing else. Many thanks. Ann

-- Ann Dwyer (, August 01, 2001


dear Ann, I too am looking for more information on Benard. Did you have any luck?? I am about to purchase a pair of benard bronze bookends in Pan and Nymph style that originated in a very wealthy estate in Melbourne, Australia. the owner of the bookends believes they were purchased by her godmother on her grand european tour in the '30s but knows nothing else about them. I have no idea what they are worth and am trying to value them. If you any information, it would be very helpful. Many t hanx, brent klause

-- brent Klause (, October 07, 2001.


I'm doing a little research on a Raoul Benard medallion and have found your post. Although much time has passed since your post I thought I would post this response. I tried to research this medallion a few years ago but didn't find much. This time around though I have had a little better luck. You might find this site of interest:

If you have the time or inclination to write me, I would appreciate anything you might be able to tell me about this medallion/artist or a source of information .

Thanks, Bryan Liedahl

-- Bryan Liedahl (, March 28, 2003.

I own a Benard bronze medal showing the French cruiser Lamotte- Picquet and dated 1926 and 1927. The ship itself was sunk at its Saigon pier by US Navy planes in 1945. I have found some tokens used on the ship and would like to correspond with anyone with knowledge about the tokens.

-- Howard A. Daniel III (, August 06, 2003.

Hello all. I now have about ten of his medals, a pair of bookends and a letter opener in bronze. I still haven't been able to find much else about him and would apprectiate any information about what else he did besides his great work in medals. Please feel free to contact me. brent klause

-- brent klause (, November 10, 2004.

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