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John. I have been watching the web site for quite a while now- and it seems that there is not a whole lot of interest in the craft discussion group- I mentioned a long time ago that it would be a GREAT medium for our members- but not alot of members know about it- With this in mind, is there a possibility that this web site could be more "pubilicized" at the local meetings? Maybe we could get more involvement in our union? I notice that you are the only one answering any of the questions- I presume that it was not the way that it was intended- more member involvement would be a God send- And I am sure that there are a few more members other than myself that are connected to this information superhighway. In solidarity, Andrew White

-- andjwhte (, August 01, 2001


Thanks for your feedback Andrew! I leave it to locals to publicize this sort of thing, but, this was intended to contact and involve members who are great tradesman (or tradeswomen), who believe in the ethical priciples of unionism, but seldom attend local meetings. (as well as active participants such as you.) That does'nt make them bad guys in any sense their reasons may be quite legitimate. I appreciate where you're coming from and commend your involvement... help me spread the word! (we do have a sidebar in 'measures' our monthly newsletter which gives the internet address) I'm not the only one answering questions, I'm the only one transferring the information. Frequently when posed a question I will go to the business manager, his assistant, or another agent as to the best possible solution for our member. Traffic in the craft discussion groups comes and goes (3 this week - sometimes nothing) the good news is the proceedings are available and archived for everyones benefit. Again, I thank you for your support of our Union! regards, rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, September 07, 2001.

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