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He was an ornery old cuss--big, fat and always on the job. His job? Why eatin my soybeans-that's what! He didn't take any days off, never rested on the seventh day as commanded by Almighty God but then again he never complained either. Just kept at it decimatin my bean crop all around his'n little abode---er--den! He also didn't require very much either, in the way of luxory's, that is. No t.v. antennae stick'n out of the den, no cars parked alongside our little lane, no beer cans thowed out the door. All in all he wasn't too bad of a neighbor cept'n that infernal eatin of my crop.

I had thought of endin his existance but decided it was just too hot for the old fat man to set outside and wait for'm to come out in the bean field to eat. I have my pride too, ya'll know. No self respecting human would stoop so low as to wait in this excessive heat with a BIG rifle just to venilate the tough old hide of mr groundhog.

All my problems were solved week before last. I don't know how it happened--I didn't have anything to do with it. LIghtning? Again I dunno. At any rate mr groundhog is layin alongside the road right next to what used to be his'n home. Whatever it was that claimed his life sure didn't leave any "tracks" as he's lay'n just like he went to sleep. He was kinda "gamey" for about 2 days. Mr Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzards visit'd him for a mite. Can't even say he's as ugly as "death warmed over". Only thing left of the old cuss is a little fur, those HUGE teeth and toenails! KInda hated to see'm go. We'd sorta become friends over the last couple years or so but I don't guess that's any reason to miss'm. Lord knows I paid for his'n friendship--and paid well I might add! That ornery old dude must've et at least $100. worth of beans since he came to live at our place. NOt a very good memory to leave behind tho. What kind of memory will ya'll leave behind? Will you be busy as mr groundhog was, until Jesus Christ calls ya'll home? We are to watch and wait for His coming but in the meantime labor on until that day. I'm laborin and enjoyin every single minute of it!! I'm listen'n Lord for the words "Ole hoot, come up hither"! Glory to the Lamb! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, August 02, 2001


Hello Hoot, You must have woken up early this morning. For me, this is the first of three night shifts to work at this power plant. I hope to be going home in about two hours. Thanks for the stories and the preach'en.

-- JERRY TRAVIS (, August 02, 2001.

Hey Grandpa Hoot! I'll bet the Lord saw that Mr. Groundhog was eating the beans of that very nice, God fearing man, and decided enough was enough! As usual you were able to turn a small event that happened to you into a wonderful, creative, entertaining story. In addition to all your other gifts (Hoot can fix anthing that broken!), God has also given you the gift to be a story teller (and a darn good one at that). Of course, He chose the correct guy to give it to - one that will use his gift to announce His message. God bless you Hoot, and keep those good stories coming!

-- Micael W. Smith in North-West Pennsylvania (, August 05, 2001.

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