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Friday, August 03, 2001 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Free pizzas in Calif. if power outage hits News-Journal wire services

LOS ANGELES -- There may soon be free pizzas aplenty in Southern California, if people don't mind dining in the dark.

About 120 Papa John's Pizza restaurants in five California counties announced Monday they will be offering free pizzas to anyone hit by a power outage through the fall, or whenever the state's energy crisis ends.

California has been darkened by rolling blackouts, in which power is shut off to entire neighborhoods for an hour or more, several times since the crisis began last year. The state has managed to avoid blackouts in recent months, however.

The Papa John's offer would provide one pizza of any size with an unlimited number of toppings per blackout. Side dishes aren't included.

The honor system will be used to determine if a person ordering a pizza is really in a blacked-out neighborhood.

And what if the restaurants themselves go dark?

Every Papa John's has a gas stove, explained spokesman Alex Rodriguez, adding, "So we will make pizzas, just in the dark."

-- Martin Thompson (, August 03, 2001


don't they use the conveyor belt style ovens?
and don't those use some electricity to move them belts.
A very nice sales gimmick!

-- (, August 03, 2001.

The way the situation is going in California it doesn't look like they will have to fullfil that promotion. Power crisis stories in the the CA newspapers are getting more and more scarce these days. Condit is the top story right now.

-- Martin Thompson (, August 03, 2001.

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