We need to demand impeachment of 5 Justices

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Our Consitution was thrown out the window by the Republicans who swore to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. This was Abuse of Power by overturning the will of the people. The media and professors say We will never know who won Florida.....Then it should have gone through due process as in the 1800's. Apathy is our enemy. Where does it stop? Some of the extreme republicans are shoving their agenda down the American people's throats and we are held hostage or hostile as Idiot Bush would say. Today we are having to watch the gloating and arrogance of an illegitmate president why our will is being ignored. My husband is a combat VN veteran and why did he risk his life to uphold something we clearly do not live by. Too much blood was shed for our votes to be trampled upon. Today if 5 people can pick the most powerful person in the world, tomorrow they could determine where we live, how we worship , and already determining the safety of water, air, pollution and treaties. This type of abuse of power left us with no voice. Where is the outrage? Where is the march? Did freedom die in December? If there ever was a fight to be fought in all of this country's life. This is it. Peacefully as Gandhi and MLK but fought just the same. The internet is good but people have to leave their homes and make their voices heard.

-- Amanda Kato (1kato@bellsouth.net), August 04, 2001

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