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I have, I think a Kinder (Nubian x pygmy) goat-Fiona the Naughty Nubian. She kidded in April and had a sweet little doe-Kiera (means black/brown in Gaelic.) Thank you Vicki for the help. I still haven't figured out which buck is Kiera's sire, Fiona ran with both a pygmy and a Boer buck.

Well, I'd like to breed Fiona back this fall but she's a noisy, naughty thing and I can't figure out when she's in heat-or even if she has been in heat yet. What are the signs of heat in a goat? If anything, Kiera is even noisier and naughtier than Fiona but I'm going to wait until next year to breed her. My goats are just pets, I don't milk them--in fact, they're really my hubby's goats. He loves them dearly and fusses over them all the time. You should see the goat "palace" stall he built them-- 12x16 complete with opening window, sleeping platform, log stumps for climbing, the whole sha-bang.

Thanks for your help.


-- Stacy Rohan (KincoraFarm@aol.com), August 05, 2001


The best way to tell if a doe is in heat is to have a buck rag in a sealed glass jar, and when you THINK she might be, open it up. If she starts rubbing all over it and tries to climb into the jar, she's in heat. Rush her o her beau and let nature take it's course. Some things to look for are excessive tail wagging, mounting other goats, hanging her head and balefully bleating. The last bit is strong heat and it may not come to that until she has cycled a few times already.

If you miss getting her bred on the first heat, you can expect her to come into heat again in 18- 21 days.

Also, if she's kind of wild, when she is ready to give birth if you are there and catch the kids and get all messy, she will calm down towards you. It sure helped with my doe who was unfortunately pasture raised...she's fine now. Only the rare goat rodeo around here now!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), August 05, 2001.

Thanks for your help Doreen. Fiona is very friendly, I swear she waited until I got to the barn to help deliver Kiera. Fiona was an only goat for almost 4 months so we bonded quite well. A guy I sell hay to has a pygmy buck that I can breed to, and another guy I know has a Saanen buck. I'm sure that either one would let me do the "buck in a bottle" thing. Mares are so much easier to detect heat in!

Thanks again,


-- Stacy Rohan (KincoraFarm@aol.com), August 05, 2001.

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