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Here are some of my cheese recipes. Let me know if you would like a copy emailed to you. To me it is easier to print out stuff when I get it by email. Well at least it is when my children haven't stuck something in the printer to jam it! If you need other recipes let me know.

> LEMON DILL CHEESE > > Slowly heat one gallon of whole milk to 165 degrees, stirring occasionally > to prevent scorching. Add the juice of 4 lemons (12 tblsp) after it has > reached the proper temperature. Remove from heat and let set for 15 mins. > Dip the 'curds' out of the whey and allow to drip for an hour in cheese > cloth, a colander or something of the sort. Mix in 1/2 tsp salt (or to > taste) and 1-2 tblsp fresh dill chopped up fine. You can use nearly any > kind of herb...chives works well with this recipe. Shape or press firmly > into a bowl and chill. Pop out of the bowl and serve. This is a nice mild > slicing cheese. It would probably be good for cooking with too. Mine never > stays around long enough for me to get to cook with it though!

> MOZZARELLA CHEESE > > 4 gallons milk(can be skimmed) > 5 tsp citric acid(this can be gotten at some pharmacies or food co-ops) > 1/2 cup cold water > > Mix citric acid and water to dilute. mix very well into cold milk. Heat to > 98 degrees over med/low heat. > Remove from heat. > Add 1 tsp extra strong liquid rennet diluted into 1 cup cold water or 1/2 > tablet of rennet diluted into 1/2 cup cold water(the liquid works much > better in my opinion). > Stir into milk very well (adding slowly). Stir for 1 minute then let sit > undistrubed and covered for 30 mins. > Cut into 1" squares. Let stand for 5-10 minutes to allow whey to separate > from curd. > Heat to 110 degrees, stirring every few minutes to keep curds from sticking > together too badly (it will always stick some). > Remove from heat and let stand for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. > Drain in a colander for 15 minutes. In the meantime heat in an enamel or > stanless steel pot: 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of salt to 175-180 > degrees(the non-iodized salt is best because the cheese will be very white). > Tear curd into pieces and drop into hot salty water. Stir and stretch > cheese with a spoon(wooden or stainless) till nice and soft....this is the > fun part!. Drain in colander or cheese mold that allows water to drain. > Knead a few times to remove excess liquid, add any seasonings and shape into > bowls, pans or molds(I have a tupperware container that I line with plastic > wrap that gives a lovely shape). > Keep refrigerated. After cheese sets up for a few hours it can be removed > and wrapped. Keep refrigerated. This melts wonderfully. 4 gallons makes > approximately 3-4 pounds of cheese.

> RICOTTA CHEESE > > 2 gallons fresh whey > 1/4 cup vinegar...preferably homemade > 1 quart whole milk > salt > cream (optional) > > Add the milk to the whey and over direct heat, stir until mixture reaches > 200 degrees. Remove from heat and stir in the vinegar. Line a colander > with fine muslin cloth or cheese cloth and carefully pour the hot whey and > fine curds through. Tie corners and hang to drain. When dripping stops, > put it in a bowl and salt to taste. Cream may be added if desired. Keep > refrigerated and use within 1 week. Yields 1-2 cups. This is a wonderful > way to use up some of the whey your other cheeses produce. This is a good > cheese to use in cooking...especially lasagne! > > COTTAGE CHEESE > > 1-2 gallons milk > 1/2 tblsp liquid rennet > > This is my own recipe. I've sort of combined it from some others I have > read. Heat the milk till nice and warm. Dilute rennet in 1/2 cup water and > add slowly to milk. Take off of heat and let set until the curd has firmed > up. Cut into 1" squares to help release the whey. Put back on the stove > and heat gently for 5 mins. Drain through a cheese cloth and hang till the > dripping stops (you don't want this to dry out too much). Salt to taste. > Add fresh cream till it is a pleasing consistency. There is nothing low fat > about this cheese. I can't stand store bought cottage cheese but I could > sit and eat this cheese plain by the bucket full!

> QUESO BLANCO(WHITE CHEESE) > > 1 gallon whole milk > 1/4 cup vinegar > > In a pot over direct heat, bring milk to 180 degrees for several minutes. > Slowly add vinegar until the curds separate. Pour into cheesecloth-lined > colander and tie to form a bag. Let this hang and drain for several hours > until the dripping stops. Remove the now solid cheese from the bag, wrap in > plastic, and refrigerate. I haven't personally made this cheese but I plan > to this evening or tomorrow. It looks very easy and like it would work > well. If I'm not mistaken this is the mild white cheese that is used in a > lot of mexican dishes.

-- Amanda in Mo (, August 06, 2001


The mozzarella was GREAT! I can't wait to try the others. Thanks so much for sharing them!

-- Doreen (, August 06, 2001.

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