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"Is that a womans garden shovel?"

"Why yes it is!"

"Ain't you ashamed to use that little shovel--you big ugly oaf"?

"Why no I ain't--it'll move all the dirt I wanna move"!

Common comments I've received in the past when settin propane tanks. We set'm on 250# crete pads and had to level'm up rite smart. Used these little shovels to do the levelin with and they did good.

After levelin the dirt the young muscular man [ ME ] would walk over to the truck and offload two of those dudes and carry'm to the tank spot. Now, that was a rite smart amount of weight to carry but was a common everyday occurance when I was younger. Saved some steps if'n ya'll could carry two of'm at once. Now I don't spose I could carry two of'm at once. Well, mite carry'm but couldn't pick'm up off'n the ground.

Anyhow, with the coming winter I believe one should prepare more this year than last, while heating fuels appear to be a little cheaper than last year. The availability will most definately be more of a problem than last year. My opinion? Why certainly! For back up heat to electricity, city gas or even propane----! Get a free standing gas stove that operates off of propane with a non-electric hydrolic gas valve-- while the prices are still rather reasonable. Warm Morning, Empire and probably others too, would be good choices. Make sure they are "set" for L.P. Using a stove/heater equip't for Natural Gas [city gas] just won't work on propane. Sooty, stinky, overfired and the products of combustion are CARBON MONOXIDE!! The heater needs to be vented too! Now, ya'll are probably wonderin why buy a propane heater if ya'll are already usin propane. Right? Well--reason being---what happens if the grid goes out? Ya'lls furnace won't operate. After gettin ya'lls stove---locate some 100# cylinders [the minimum reasonable size ] to hook up to the stoves. Best yet would be to obtain a larger tank, depending on where ya'll live, which could be a 250 gallon size. If ya'll already have a propane tank then just run a separate line to the supply line.

Another option is to obtain a generator to supply the power when grid is out. In cities this isn't as likely as in the country. A diesel would be more preferable than gasoline or even L.P. Most of the "diesels" are slow runnin [ 1800 rpm compared to the little 3600 rpm jobbies] and will outlast a dozen of the little screemin memmies!

Don't be caught off guard this winter. Ya'll have had a "brane joggin" from the old fat man. No excuse now --not to be ready.

Another thing to prepare for while there is still time. ETERNITY! Where will ya'll spend it? The Word says either Heaven or Hell. I've seen into the fires of hell and I sure "AIN'T" gonna spend it there! I can't imagine anybody wantin to go there over just a little bit of fun--"for a short season"--! "Be not deceived- God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap"! ole hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 06, 2001


Awwww Hoot why did you have to remind me that I have a couple of cords of firewood that need to be cut up and split! At least this year I will be burning seasoned firewood and not trying to burn green. A person could freeze to death tryin to heat with green wood! The good Lord watches over fools and children. Well I was a fool that had 2 children :o). They ought to issue warnings to folks from Texas that move anywhere else.....CAUTION IT GETS COLD IN THE WINTER!

-- Amanda in Mo (, August 06, 2001.

We're preparing for winter in NY too. We've chunked and split 6-7 cord so far and should do 6-7 cord more cuz we heat with wood. I'm all for waiting for cooler weather to do anymore tho. I've still got canning and freezing to do too. The root cellar is a mess and needs cleaning before I can start anything tho.

Keep up the good work Hoot.

Stacy in NY

-- Stacy Rohan (, August 07, 2001.

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