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I have two brownie target six-20 cameras and a Brownie 8 mm movie camera II 13MM f/1.9 lens. Does anyone know how to open these camera up and actually use them with real film? Any Ideas? Thanks,Lonna Anyone want to buy them let me know.

-- Lonna Brown (, August 06, 2001


Lonna, If you go to my Yahoo briefcase at, you will find a copy of the Brownie Target 620 manual in a zip file. You are welcome to download it and print it out at your convenience. This manual will explain how to open the camera, load it with film, and use it. It takes 620 film, which is not readily available, but let's take these things one at a time. After you download the manual, write to me at my address below and I'll send you an article on respooling 120 film onto 620 spools. Good luck!

-- Peter Lutz (, August 18, 2001.

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