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Does anyone know where I can get a Baltimore Catechism in Braille?? My 10 year old daughter is blind. I would also love to get a Catholic children's Bible in Braille. Any ideas?? Thanks!


-- Wendy (weiskids@yahoo.com), August 07, 2001


Hi, Wendy.
Your best bet for these items (and many other good things) is:

Xavier Society for the Blind
154 E. 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 473-7800

You can read about XSB here.

St. Francis Xavier, pray for us.
God bless you.

-- (jgecik@amdg.ihs), August 07, 2001.

Thanks John!!

-- Wendy (weiskids@yahoo.com), August 07, 2001.

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