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The day started out like almost any other winter day. Cold, cloudy and with the threat of snow. January of 1983-I was workin that day for Jim at the propane company he owned. Ole Jeep worked ther too--he deliverin L.P. and I doin service. This particular day I just happened to be deliverin fuel to oil wells in our area.

Pappy was up and about and had walked down to ole Jeeps house, just north of Pappys house. Pap and "Charley" [ Jeeps next to youngest]were stackin firewood into a cord when Pap started feelin bad. At 75 he had had problems with his heart for years but had learned to live with it. This day it made no difference to set down to rest a spell. He set down on an old lawn chair to rest a mite. Told Charley- "Well upjump--looks like I've had it. Goodbye"! "Upjump" was a nickname Pap called'm. Like a skeeter--he would jump around quickly which amused pappy. After speakin those words--he fell outta the lawn chair.

The old tractor of Paps was not to run for him anymore. His fiddle of 60 years was also silent. The old Worn Bible of pappys would never be read by him anymore. No need to---he was and is living with the WORD in person!! The writing table was un-occupied, his ancient Royal typewriter was silent. The woodshed was not to be "worked in" by pap anymore. His old bib overalls hung on the nail in his bedroom. The old Home Comfort wood cookstove would not be "fired" by pap anymore either. The little bag of forbidden candy [choc. hay stacks---creme drops ] he loved so well and hid in the woodshed from mom, would be left untouched by him from then on. No more scruffin the ears of his old dog "Timex" [ because he was a watch dog ] would be seen by others. No more feedin his favorite cats just outside the utility room door would be witnessed either.

Two days later we burried him at the church cemetary he and mom had belonged to since 1958 when they both had given their lives to Jesus Christ and were saved for all eternity! Mom had 3 of his books published after he died with many more stories left over but not enough money to print them.

Yeah, pap was special to all of us. He STILL is! Gone almost 18 years ---mom is 88 now and will be joinin him before too much longer I'm afraid. She'll be missed just as bad too, I'm sure.

For all those who still have their folks around---go have a set down and do some powerful visitin. The last time I talked to Pappy was about a week before He died. "The old must and the young may". We don't usually know ahead of time when we will meet Jesus Christ. We'll all meet again shortly for the HUGE Gibson FAMILY REUNION--IN HEAVEN! Come on over and visit the Gibson family and have a "look see" at all I've told ya'll about. Get ya'lls FREE ticket now before it's too late. Ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, August 08, 2001


Okay, Hoot, you've done it this made me cry! What precious memories you have that speak to each of us. Thank you for the wake up call you give us.

-- Deena in GA (, August 08, 2001.

What were the names of the books? I'm sure many people would be interested in reading them. THANKS!

-- Melissa (, August 08, 2001.

Name of the books were all the same. "Remember Me" --vol's. 1, 2 and 3. I don't know how many were sold. The first volumn is out of print while the vols 2 and 3 --some still exitst. Thanks. ole hoot. Matt.24;44

-- hoot (, August 08, 2001.

I lost my mom in March 1983. I was 3 months pregnant with my first baby and 21 years old. Hoot, I've been missing her even more then usual lately and your post made me cry! Most of the time I enjoy thinking about her and her love of life but there are times when just a flash of her face in my mind makes me break down and sob. Drats, crying again.

Thanks for telling us about your Pappy, Hoot.

Stacy in NY

-- Stacy Rohan (, August 09, 2001.

Update on Mom. Today she attempted to get up out of her chair. Something "popped" followed by much pain. She stayed in the chair and called some of us for help. She had both hips replaced about 25 years ago or so. About a year ago she fell and shatterd a leg bone and ruined a hip. After all the bone repair, another new hip and 6 months in the nursing home she returned home to live by herself again. Currently she's usin a wheel chair more and more as her age and condition continue to work against her.

After the visit to the E room--no broken bones or damaged hip that was replaced along with the leg patch last year. Goes back Monday after her bone doc sees the xrays. She's a tough old bird and I'm sure will not be defeated by this little problem. She absolutely REFUSES to even consider a nursing home. She even refused stayin in the hospital until monday!

More on her condition as we know it. Please keep the old gal in ya'lls prayers. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, August 12, 2001.

'Puter has been down for several days and I was sure missing this forum. For the last week or so, I had thought about posting Pappy's poem but didn't want to start another thread, so Hoot, without trying to steal your thunder, I'll quote the poem and some explanations for the ones who didn't know him as well as we did.

Settin' in the Shade by John B. Gibson

You come in from the garden-- Your clothes are wringin' wet-- An' pull Old Joy, your lawn cheer, To a shady place to set.

Lay down your hat, drop down your bib, Peel off that soakin' shirt, And let the air blow through your hair, A restin' till you hurt.

I've never been much prayerful, But settin' in my cheer A'listenin' to the birds and leaves, The Lord comes mighty near.

If I could choose my way to go (And for it I ain't prayed) I'd like to pass from Here to There A'settin' in the shade.

Pappy named EVERYTHING! The old lawn "cheer" was named after Jeep's father-in-law because Jeep's wife gave the chair to Pappy after her dad died--it had belonged to him and his name was Joy. Pappy loved to work in the garden, put extra-long handle on his hoe so he could work with his back straight and still not have to bend much. Unless he was going to church, he always wore bib overalls, usually with blue chambry shirt. He loved nature, probably never spent a night in town except the 2 or 3 nights he was in hospital. His love of nature equaled or surpassed Hoot's. In fact, probably Hoot is more like Pappy than any of the other 7 boys or I am (was). Mostly, when Pappy wrote, he used correct everything. This poem is one exception. Would you believe (I know you believers will) that when Pappy died he was sitting in Old Joy! God is good!!

-- ruth in se Illinois (, August 14, 2001.

Don't know what happened to the layout of the poem--I started a new line every time I was s'posed to, but it printed several lines sorta together--oh, well, I guess it is readable.

-- ruth in se Illinois (, August 14, 2001.

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