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Hi everybody,

Was just reading past threads about the 2 shortwave broadcasts that predicted famines and plagues for the U.S. this year. My question is- can someone give me some advice about radios -cost, whats needed for a very modest setup, legal requirements etc.... Have been wanting to do shortwave all my life but not sure i can afford it! I can remember listening to the one my uncle brought back from his tour in Japan 30 yrs ago. Guess thats where the fascination comes from! Would have liked to hear all those predictions if I just had the equipment-RATS!!! Thanks all!!

-- Kathy Linger (, August 10, 2001


Hi Kathy,

There should be a post in the archives that asks the same questions! Great minds think alike,huh? Also, there is a post that just says Shortwave about in the middle currently that gives a link for a pretty good receiver. You can plan on spending anywhere from $100 to $200 for a decent radio. It's not like the old style stuff anymore, except for the fact that you will some stations only one time! I'll look for the link and post it for you.

-- Doreen (, August 10, 2001.

Here you go!

-- (, August 10, 2001.

Dear Kathy, Just go to your nearest Radio Shack, I bought mine there. It cost about 200.00 dollars, get the one with a side band, then get some one to string a wire about 50 ft long around your eves, you can buy the wire at radio shack too. bring the wire in through the window. I use batterys in mine and can take around the house when I do house work, Genesis comes in good with out wire, Hope this helps Irene

-- Irene texas (, August 10, 2001.

Thanks everybody! Just one other thing about the radios you described- Are these the ones that you can talk back and forth on or are they the ones that you can only listen to? Maybe I am thinking about those HAM operator radios????? Or are they the samething? I think I'm confused(as usual!!) Been canning too many tomatoes tonight and my brain is getting mushy.It's 1:00AM almost- hope this makes sense, thanks!! Kathy

-- Kathy Linger (, August 11, 2001.

MOST shortwave radios are only for listening. They work just like the regular radio in your car or at home. The only difference is the frequencies they will receive. Most shortwave radios will pick-up the frequencies the FCC has allocated for Amateur Radio (HAM). You can listen all you want, but to transmit or talk on these frequencies, you must have an Amateur Radio License. Same deal goes with marine and aircraft frequencies. You can listen, but you cannot talk without a license. Again, just like the radio in your car. You can listen to the frequencies a station is transmitting on, you just cannot transmit.

There is one 'band' or range of frequencies you may legally talk (transmit) on without needeing a license. That band is the citizens' band or 'CB' band. That 'band' is designated by the FCC for local (less than 150 mi.) communications, and for usage by anyone. Depending on the model, shortwave radios will pick those frequencies as well. With a transmitter, you could talk on those frequencies without a license. I hope that helped clear things up a bit.

{sales pitch mode ON} For talking to other countries, helping to provide communications in emergency situations, helping the National Weather Service, bouncing signals off of the moon, talking with the international space station or other cool things you need an Amateur Radio License. To learn more about it, try this link: Getting Started in Amateur Radio {pitch mode OFF}

-- StevenB (, August 11, 2001.

Hey StevenB! CQ, CQ, CQ. NAME--hoot, QTH--IL. Rig: Drake TR4/C. Your call? de KA9JYN/E. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, August 11, 2001.

KA9JYNE, de KA4KER,KA4KER. Name - Steven, QTH-NC. RST is 599. No rig. Out of the hobby a long time,getting back into it. Extra class? Impressive. Still a lowly novice-23yrs. Hope to upgrade 9/1. XYL might test too. Plan on getting rig then. How long have you been a ham? OVER.

-- StevenB (, August 12, 2001.

KA4KER de KA9JYN. Been a ham since 1980. Extra since 88. Really love cw but hardly ever get on the air anymore. PUTERS!!! hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, August 12, 2001.

CQDX, CQDX G1SLP QTH Northern England. Just thought I'd say hello.

-- Eric J Methven (, August 12, 2001.

Hey Eric! Sry didn't see ya'lls followup sooner. Welcome to the forum! Always room for HAMS!!!! Let us hear about ya'll over there in England! ole hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 16, 2001.

I love my little Grundig Yacht Boy 400. It is SHORTWAVE and for listening only. Reasonable price and excellent quality. Can get set up for under $130, which includes power cord and extra antenna wire. There's a yearly Guide to World Band Radio that is published each Fall. Great advice on makes and models of Shortwave radios and hints on using one for beginners. Also includes broadcasting schedules and contact addresses, etc. Often can get this book at discount through EdwardRHamiltonBooksellers (online,too).

-- Anne (, August 19, 2001.

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